This month, News Desk unveiled a contract for Mnet Produce X 101. The contract stated, “We will provide 100,000 won per meeting in return for the program.”

Producer X Producer X 101 said, “We are not ill, but because we have to bow more, we have to do well.

In addition, the contract drew attention, saying, “We pay one million won per song to ‘,’ and do not have any profit sharing.”

In particular, an entertainment agency official said, “It’s up to you. It’s something you take with you. So the company is different, but a little bit of stuff is going to be taken away by them.” .

A participant of the idol school said, “I kept it until winter with summer clothes.” I feel like this if I go to the army. “I’m really cold for 6 months, but I kept wearing summer clothes.

Another participant in the idol school said, “I let them go to school once or twice a month. Then they either hide it in their hats or hide it in their underwear. It was shocked.

Choi Gwang-ho, director of the Korea Music Contents Association said, “When you make a debut in the audition program rankings, you can grow into box office content in a very short time. It turned out to be eye-catching.

Mnet audition programs such as ‘Idol School’ and ‘Pedue X’ are currently suffering from controversy about voting manipulation.

‘Pedue X’ debuted X One by selecting 11 debut members after the live final stage, but there was a controversy about the voting operation because a pattern was found in which a certain number of times were repeated in the number of votes of the trainees. Mnet said it was true that there was an error in the counting process, but there was no change in the final rankings.

However, the viewers filed a fact-finding committee to sue Mnet crews and other prosecutors. Mnet also commissioned the police to investigate the program crew.

Police confiscated the crew’s office and voting data archives. Also convinced that the final rankings were changing, some X-one members seized their agency.

The police are also investigating suspicions of voting on the pre-season as well as the idol school. The Produ X fact-finding committee revealed that ‘idol school’ also secured circumstantial evidence that there was a voting operation, and viewers of the ‘idol school’ formed a fact-finding committee and sued.

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