On the 10th, Sporting News reported that Nichkhun and Koki are appearing on the tvN TV drama ‘Astdar Chronicle’.

Nichkhun’s role is not known for security reasons, but the face is known as the role of the person responsible for giving a strong impression, rather than just passing through the star as well as using a known star.

In addition, the index is expected to emerge as a cameo level. Although he has performed in ‘Producers’ before his official debut, he has been expecting many fans since his debut is his first act.

As the ‘Astral Chronicle’ deals with a special story of the ancient era, even the combination of actors and casts can become a spoiler, so the production team maintains thorough security on various information of the drama. The fact that Nichkhun and Jiwoo appeared was also a security issue.

At the end of May, Nichkhun, who had previously taken the film, also attended the “Chronicle of Asdal.” This is the first Korean drama challenge to Nichkhun. He has appeared in web dramas and movie cameos before, but he is the first to play a role in the drama of regular terrestrial and cable channels.

Currently, the “Astral Chronicle” has continued to rise slightly, recording the audience rating of 7.7% (Nielsen Korea nationwide) in the 4th broadcast on the 9th.

In the fourth round, most of the roles were revealed while the main characters Eun-seom (Song Jung-ki) and Tagon (Jang Dong-gun) It is noteworthy that Nichkhun and Index will appear in the drama as a part of them. The two men will appear at the end of the play.

The “Astral Chronicles”, on the other hand, are divided into three parts, each consisting of six episodes. Part 2 will be broadcast one after another and Part 3 will be broadcast later on in the upcoming film ‘Hotel del Luna’.

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