TVN’s current culture program ‘Now Bookstore: Read Me’, which was broadcasted on the afternoon of 29th, was featured on Jered Diamond’s humanities books ‘Gun, Kyun, and Soul’. Physicist Sang-wook Kim and evolutionary professor Jang Dae-ik joined.

The 1998 Pulitzer Prize, ‘Gun, Kyun, and Soul’ is a humanities book that has sold 500,000 copies in Korea alone and ranked No. 1 in Seoul National University for 10 years. Starting with a sharp question from a black politician in New Guinea, “Why did blacks not make such a” cargo “like white people?” This is a scientific analysis of human civilization.

Seol Min-seok, the official storyteller of ‘Reading a Book’, succinctly solved the “ gun, bacteria, iron ” that was difficult to access in a huge amount. He first asked questions about inequality between civilizations. In this book, he talked about racism.

“Why did Europeans have guns, germs, and iron, unlike Americans? The reason why Europeans could develop their skills was because of farming,” said Sul. After collaboration, grain harvest, the population has grown and experts have developed to advance the technology. The result was a great character, and he began to record trials and errors with the letters, creating a database and having guns and knives.

Why did farming spread only in Europe? Seol Minseok said, “It was because of environmental factors. Only Europe was a long land. It was easy to farm because of the same latitude, climate, vegetation and soil.”

In particular, Seol Min-suk said, “The white people were lucky. It was because they were born in a good land.” “This is all the story. Environmental determinism, this page appeared in this book with 800 pages.”

I talked about the fungus. Evolutionary professor Jang Dae-ik said, “There were germs since 3.8 billion years ago, and in fact, they have the largest population. If an alien looks at who is the ruler of the earth, it will be a germ.”

Moon said, “The effect of the germs was so great. It seems that the white Americans used germs to annihilate the indigenous people.” “I read the Kyun part and cleaned the house all of a sudden. I wiped my phone once.”

There was also talk of ‘iron’ weapons. When asked whether weapons help human development, Kim Sang-wook said, “Science and technology advance through the war. In many cases, the use of weapons came to our daily lives. It was later used in a microwave oven. There are so many things around. “

“If humans are wise, it would be nice to come to humans without making war weapons, but foolish humans still go through war,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s important to be anti-racism in this book. I don’t know what’s inside,” Is white people go out and something different? ” Take it out. ‘ “It seems to be an important book in the world in that sense. I hope it will remain a classic for a long time.”

Meanwhile, ‘Book Now: Read Me’ is a reading program that unveils classic books in an easy-to-understand manner and airs every Tuesday at 8:10 pm.

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