Actress Yoon Soi, ‘Troublesome Son of Oktapbang’, mentioned the difficult acting during the drama shooting.

On the 19th, KBS2 Entertainment Program ‘Ocktopbang Problem Son’ Oh Chang-suk and Yun Soi appeared as a guest.

MCs on the day said, “What is the hardest when shooting a drama. Are you underwater? Are you a kiss god? ”

Yun Soi replied, “I have photographed the underwater kiss scene.” “It was very difficult. “I refilled the oxygen and kissed it.”

Oh Chang-seok said, “I photographed the kiss scene very early,” and then “pretended to be nothing but pretending to be a professional.”

At this time, MC Kim Yong-man said, “However, what’s going on in the second half of KBS2 ‘Sea Season”? “

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