On the last two days, he posted an article about his hit on the slug along with a singer ‘s hit and a photo capturing the real – time search query in the racing model space through his SNS.

Through this article, Oh Jung-yeon said, “If a lover who meets a serious relationship for about half a year is found to be in bed with another woman, it can only be shocked.” There is such a tremendous wave that everything in the world I have seen, heard, and believed has become a lie. This was my own experience two years ago and I have been very tired for a long time since I’ve been hurt. “

Oh Jung-yeon said, “Even if it makes people’s eyes cry, it should deserve punishment, but it will work well as if nothing is happening. “It’s really a desperate hope that the world will be a living and breathing world,” he said.

After Oh Jung-yeon’s revelation, Bang eventually issued an apology on SNS, saying, “I apologize for the deep disappointment and hurt that I have personally experienced.”

Oh Jung-yun has kept silent after hearing the news. Then, today (May 5) JTBC entertainment program ‘Please take care of the refrigerator’ was reported to participate in the recording. JTBC official said on the TV daily, “Oh Jung-yeon was a guest in the recording of the entertainment program ‘Please ask for the refrigerator’ on the day.” By this, Oh Jung Yeon announced the resumption of broadcasting activities in about 3 days after publication of the article.

Also, Oh Jung Yeon is going to MC on the 15th after the performance recording. He was the opening MC of the ‘2019 K-WORLD FESTA’ held in Songpa-gu Olympic Park, Seoul from 15th to 24th. On the 15th, the first day of the opening performance, Oh Jung-yeon will show off his skillful progress by matching with Wanna One actor Ong Sung-woo.

Oh Jung Yeon, who confessed to the pain of the past, foresaw the activity without shaking. Therefore, as a entertainer from entertainers to MCs, ‘Oh Ji-yeon’ continues to be followed by the support of Na Jung-yeon.

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