In the JTBC entertainment program “ Please Ask for the Refrigerator, ” which aired on the afternoon of the 26th, Oh Jung-yeon’s refrigerator was revealed while model Song Kyung-a and broadcaster Oh Jung-yeon appeared.

On the day, MC told Oh Jung-yeon, “I recently lost weight.”

Oh Jung-yeon said, “I had a hard time until last year. I had no appetite because my motivation was too low. At that time, I lost weight and lost 6kg in a short time.”

Oh Jung-yeon said that after recovering health with the help of neighbors, “Appetite suddenly began to explode.” Last year, 11kg was lost in two months in November.

Following Oh Jung-yeon “currently 5 ~ 6kg. But belly fat, low-profile meat was not falling well,” said the diet grievance.

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