JTBC’s ‘Please Take Care of the Refrigerator’, which aired on the 26th, depicts Kim Sung-joo, who is surprised to see Oh’s refrigerator. 

Before opening the refrigerator, Oh Jung-yeon said, “When I plug in one, I’ll finish it. I’m surprised that I can make various foods with various ingredients as I go home.” “I have a disadvantage that can not throw away,” he worried. 

After Oh Jung-yeon’s words, Kim Sung-joo opened the refrigerator. Looking at the refrigerator with the full contents, I was surprised to say “Is it a single-person household refrigerator?” Oh Jung-yeon replied, “I know why I gain weight.” Seasoned pork ribs eat three servings alone. Vegetables don’t eat very well. “You have to eat fiber, so you eat sesame leaves, mung bean sprouts, and mushrooms.” 

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