On this day, editor of ‘Huff Post Korea’ Kim Do-hoon and journalist Mook Yong-joon as a guest.

First, we talked about director Christopher Nolan, who directed the film ‘Memento’, ‘Inception’ and ‘Dark Knight’ series.

The cast members continued to praise Christopher Nolan.

“If Stanley Kubrick was the greatest boss in the past generation, it’s Christopher Nolan in his generation,” said Lee Won-seok, director of Christopher Nolan. “Nolan is like a ‘ .

MC Yoon Jong-shin said, “When writing lyrics, I usually write narratives in time. I thought that I wanted to write” Memento “and cross the tense. I was greatly influenced by the creator of other fields.

Director Min Kyu-dong said, “I showed ‘The Second Story of Girls’ Ghost Story’ at a foreign film festival in the past, and it was the film of the director Nolan who watched the movie” Memento Mori ” But I felt it was a great movie. ” In the meantime, when I saw “Memento” at the time, I was surprised that Nolan directed me as a great director even though I was the same age. But 20 years later, I can not tell the difference between him and me. did.

In particular, he called the director Christopher Nolan a “classical director,” and “Nolan is characterized by a fixed composition and adherence to analogue special effects, the most classical director in the 21st century.” He also directed his perfectionist style and lifestyle, as well as his own lifestyle without using cell phones or e-mail.

Next we talked about Coach Quentin Tarantino.

Joo Sung Chul, director of Quentin Tarantino, introduced “Subculture into a new cinematic aesthetic. It is called the master of a B movie close to a black comedy.” Kim Dahn, editor, expressed his sympathy and said, “Director Tarantino is a virtuous man who has succeeded in his virtue.” In his twenties, he created many masterpieces based on the films he had seen while working as a video shop clerk. I said.

In addition, Min Kyung-jun commented on Quentin Tarantino’s “Hight Pool 8” that the film was filmed in a limited space, but it does not give a cramped feeling. “I used the Panavision 70 camera, which is much wider than the cinemascope ratio, because it is the most effective way to shoot a wide range of scenes,” he added.

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