In MBC ‘Radio Star’, which aired on the afternoon of 11th, On Ju Wan, Park Jung-ah, Oh Chang-seok and Michael Lee starred in the musical “ Eye of the Dawn ” with a special feature “ During the Meeting ”. Jun Jin joined the special MC.

Onjuwan said, “Many people are resting,” he said in a musical, radio, drama. Onjuwan confessed, “I didn’t want to think about an actor who had a challenge to seize the main character by challenging the musical.”

Onjuwan said he would memorize the names of the fans following the script. Onjuwan explained that “musical come to see you if you like the actor,” he said. He added that he naturally memorized his fans’ names.

Onjuwan was applauded by all the people who helped victims of sexual harassment and patients on the road.

Park Jung-ah said at the time of her first acting, “the comment window was opened for the first time.” Park Jung-ah, who never learned to act, only lived as a singer, acting with a good chance, and said that he received a lot of bad grievances. Park Jung-ah confessed that because of so many aggressions, “I was angry with the authorities for acting and didn’t talk for three years.” Park Jung-ah said that he was later misunderstanding when he learned that he was worried about the life of a short-lived idol.

Park Jung-ah said she was sorry after surgery for thyroid cancer. Park Jung-ah said she had suffered from hyperthyroidism and said that after surgery, she took medicine well and gave birth.

Oh Chang-suk talked about the burden of public love. Oh Chang-suk said, “People go further,” he said, “When you tell the love, ‘When are you going to get married’.”

Subsequently, Oh Chang-suk said he was in doubt about his cast in ‘Evening Dawn’. Oh Chang-seok worried, “I’m not a musical person, I like singing at karaoke.” In response to Oh Chang-suk’s concern, the president advised him to play with ‘smoke’.

Michael Lee said he had cut off his long hair for the “Dawn of the Eyes.” Michael Lee told me that his father and brother were doctors and it was a vague dream to be a musical actor. Michael Lee said that by chance he followed his friend to the ‘Miss Saigon’ audition and debuted as a musical actor.

Michael Lee graduated from Stanford University early in three years and told his fellow actors that he majored in psychology. Michael Lee confessed his habit of turning the stage more than three times before the show. Michael Lee introduced that he learned while performing with West Performer Lee Ja-ram.

Michael Lee admired the musical ‘The Age of Cathedrals’ of Notre Dame de Paris.

Meanwhile, MBC ‘Radio Star’ is broadcasted every Wednesday at 11:05 pm

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