Kim Do-Ran (Yui) and King Continental (Lee Jang-woo) in KBS2 weekend drama ‘One Only Only’ (drama Kim Sang-kyung, directed by Hong Seok-gu) on 8th broadcasted Gang Su-il (Choi Soo-jong)

After choosing a suit and enjoying a meal at a restaurant, Wang continent said, “Mr. Doran was worried about what he would like to do. Kim Doran said, “I am glad you like it. I think the menu is really good.”

After that, Kang Su-il said to Gang Su-il, “Doran is not too much, Mr. Doran still calls me the general manager. He said. Gang Su-il made a grinful smile as he watched the two people who had titties and titties.

Kang Su-il said, ‘How would I be if I really came to my father? But it is greed. I thought that if we were to live happily with the general manager, I would have no choice but to die. ”

Zhang Daya (Yoon Jin-yi) suffered a conflict with Wang Takeoff (Jung Eun-woo) and restaurant management. Zhang Daya said, “I thought my brother was doing a restaurant as a hobby,” he said. But the king took off and said, “I’m really going to sit on your ear.”

Jang Wha-rae (Park Sung-hoon) asked Kim Mi-ran (Na Hye-mi), who was in a difficult situation to make a blind date, and said, “Why are you so close?” Kim Mi-ran shed tears and said, “My family is poor, I live in a house that is falling down with my mother, and my father is gone too.” He confessed that he is better than money.


Miss Cho (Hwang Hyo – eun) told Kim Do – Ran that he found a picture of a child in a room of Kang Sui – il. Oh Eun-young (Cha Chae Yeon), who happened to hear this incident, immediately informed him that he had a daughter.

Kim Doran went to the hospital hastily when he heard that Geumok (Yi Lee) was sick. Geumok was diagnosed with gastric cancer. Kim, who invited Kim Do – Ran in advance of the operation, tried to talk about the precipitation day and gave up, saying, “If I go wrong, we will ask a little bit. Then, “I’m sorry,” he shed tears. Kim Do-ran, who returned home, was unable to sleep because of the words of the gold coins.

After that, Geumok called Kim Doran again just before surgery. Geumok said, “Listen to me, do not be surprised, your dad is alive.” He shocked me.

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