It was revealed that Dong Gun was an angel who abandoned God and loved human beings.

In the KBS2 drama ‘Dang, One Love’ broadcasted on the 5th, Kim Dong-su (Kim Myung-soo) and Lee Yeon-seo (Shin Hye-seon) were confused in their hearts toward each other.

Jiwangwoo (Donggun min) witnessed the kiss of Kim Dae and Lee Yeon-seo and waved the shadows and went back. Kim was rushed after the kiss with Lee Yeon – seo when it rained. When the rain comes, the wings of the angel are revealed, and the stagnation comes in. Lee Yeon-seo misunderstood Gimdan and said, “It’s a beggar, a perverted person.” At that time, the rainfall put an umbrella on the ground. He said, “If I fail, I will be disgraced as well.” Two weeks later, he told me that if he did not check his body condition, he would build a golden nina (Kim Boomi min) as a prima donna, He said it would be a week.

Kim met a rainfall at a bar, and Jiwangwoo suggested, “If you do, let me introduce you to a better place.” Kim refused, “I do not like it. He said, “I’ve already seen it in the rain for the second time.” Kim said, “I like to worry about you, but I will do my job.” Kim decided that Lee Yeon-seo was only his client and injected himself into it, and that he would return to the sky. The rainbow also looked at the photograph of the deceased person alone, “It is because of the ballet” It was myself.

The next day, Lee Yeon-mi (Woo Hee-jin) said, “The elderly is a reason for dismissal.” Kim said, “Yesterday was wrong, please forgive me,” and Lee denied, “We did nothing yesterday.” Lee said, “I do not mind if I make up my body and practice, just like I met.” Kim said, “I am glad. “I do not need it either,” she said, returning to the room. “Kim was angry, but Kim could not erase her kiss memories.

The board of directors asked Choi Young-ja (Tojiwon), “When are you going to leave?”, And Choi Young-ja said, “I can get away with tomorrow, but I can not. But now, the body and mind are unremarkable, “he said.

Lee started to practice ballet with Kim. Kim was unaware of her coming to her, and eventually ran out in the middle. The rain storm has come to the laboratory in the room. He said, “What is the purpose? I approached you to help me and I want to open my mind.” I saw the practice of two people. “I do not want to be foolish,” he warned. “Do you really like it?” “I had an angel who performed the task of bringing inspiration to the artists 15 years ago in a state of incarnation like you,” he recalled. That angel is the right rainbow. I met a woman when I was exhausted. The rainfall confused inspiration and love, and I loved this woman, not God. Although rainfall confessed his love to God to become a man, it was extinguished by the abandonment of God.

Dean did not eat rice and devoted himself to practice. Kim managed to keep the diary out of focus, but he focused only on practice so that the claws were missing. “I do not want to be warm, I want to be weak,” he said to Kim, who was worried about himself. Kim responded that he was not reminded of the latter saying, “It is arrogant and mistaken to mistake that you can enjoy things other than God.” The wounded deceased chased him out coldly.

He went to an island with Lee Yeon-seo, and Kim was making a house for the deceased at the beach. Kim was hiding in the face of two people coming in, and Jiwangwoo asked Lee Eun-seo, “Do you remember the 2005 school year in Russia?” Lee Yeon-seo noticed that he was “Kim, is not he?” Kim muttered, “I do not know what I do not know.” Ji Woo – woo was so passionate about the drama that he was willing to show his ballet skills, and he played ballet in front of the rain. When I finished the stage safely, the rainfall hugged Lee Yeon-seo, and Lee’s tears shed. Kim said, “Mission success is in front of me, but why is my heart aching?”

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