In the KBS drama “One Love” broadcasted on the 27th, Lee Ji-woo (Dong Gun) warned Lee Hyeon-seo (Shin Hye Sun) that Kim Dae-sung (Kim Myung-soo) could not stay on the ground for long. 

On this day, Kim met with the rainfall and asked, “How can we become human?” Kim said, “I can not see the person I once loved. I was more obsessed with the pain, so you can understand me.” 

“I think you will have a hard and bitter experience,” he warned. “You can not be human, you have to die.” Kim tries to stay next to Lee Yeon-seo somehow.

Dean met with rainfall to make sure of the relationship. Lee Yeon-woo said, “There is a person I like.” He said, “Is not he a person?” He warned, “How long will the angel be on the ground?” 

Although Kim was on a rainy day, he came to see Lee Yeon Seo. “I will stay at home for the rest of my life,” he said. “I’ll stick with the rain while at home.” 

The rainfall asked Lee to meet again. Dean asked, “What do you mean by saying that an angel can not be on the ground forever?” “I am not a fool enough to be able to hold on to a man who has come to his advantage and goes up with his own will,” he said. 

He said, “People die too, and no one can be around forever, and if we have not got enough time left, we will love harder so that no regret is left.” 

But Jiwang warned, “Who told you to go back to heaven will disappear like dust, like dust.” He said, “God has a lot of jealousy, he does not like to lose himself to others. 

Deejun was greatly shocked at the end of the rainfall. On this day, Kim showed his promise to stay next to Lee Yeon-seo. 

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