The 28th Buil Film Awards was held on October 4th at the Dream Theater in Nam-gu, Busan. On this day, the Best Prize went to the movie ‘Parasite’ (Director Bong Joon-ho). The ‘parasite’ has risen to six crowns.

“I’m from Busan. I feel great because I received a big prize in Busan, which raised me.”

Subsequently, “Bong Joon-ho and actor Kang Kang-ho are in New York as the parasite will be released in North America on October 11,” he said.

The Parasite, which won the Golden Palm Prize at the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival, is home to all of the unemployed Gi-tae (Song Kang-ho) and his eldest son, Gi-woo (Cho Woo-sik), who visits his home for a large tutoring interview. The meeting of the two families, which began with listening to the story, is spreading into an unruly event.

He is selected as a Korean film entry for the 92nd Academy Awards, which is scheduled to be held in February 2020.

Meanwhile, Gi Ju Bong won the Best Actor award for his directorial work ‘Riverside Hotel’. Gi Ju-bong said, “Thank you for being with Hong Sang-soo, all members of the company, Kim Min-hee, Song Sun-mi, Kwon Hae-hyo and Yoo Jun-sang.”

In addition, Jeon Yeon-yeon, who had the actress in the arms with the film ‘Birthday’ depicting the pain of the Sewol ferry disaster, said, “This award should be shared with the director.” “If it wasn’t for the courage of director Lee Jong-un, there would be no” birthday “work, nor would I be here.”

Park Myung-hoon, who starred as a modern man who had a secret in ‘parasites’, received a supporting actor award and said, “When director Bong Joon-ho first gave me this script, I sneaked it alone. It was a top secret. It was a shock and a horror. I was able to win the award because the director of the field led me to his unique consideration and faith. Thank you very much. ”

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