Last week, Park Chan-wook talked about the movie “Bat”, which is one of the best films of his films, in JTBC’s 1st column, which was broadcast on the 22nd. So Chung Wook Park’s narrative and mise-en-scene director Jeong Seo Kyung, Ryu Sung-hee’s art director and Park Chan-wook’s director Choi Min-kyung’s director Imhil Sung.

On this day, director Park Chan-wook said, “Style characterizes the unique style of ‘female character’ in the movie, while a man’s clothes are too monotonous, and the character of a girl is fun and there are lots of things to do. It depends on whether the shape of the head changes. ” “It depends on how the actor is dressed, it is the intention to discuss the character, not the question of appearance,” he said.

Park Chan-wook said, “In fact, I chose ‘bat’ as my favorite movie because it is the closest to my standard of ‘movie should be here’ and it is the story that has been brought up in my head for the longest time.” . The story of the novel “Teresa Raquel,” which became an Omaju, “Teres’ desire to pursue the process was fearsome and exciting,” he added.

In particular, Park Chan-wook is showing a lot of my appearance to ‘Sanghyun’, which is played by Song Gangho. Especially, Sanghyun, who is strangely sophisticated in Taeju in the bathroom, When I wrote the script, I wrote ‘Sanghyun’ and wrote it. “He laughed and laughed.

In addition, Kim said, “I was rejected by many actresses.” “He was 22 years old at that time, and he was an image far from married woman.” However, he added that he was confident of casting as soon as he saw Kim Ok-bin, who met on the recommendation of the director of photography.

There is a lot of poisonous ‘scissors’ in Park Chan-wook’s movie. “In the bat, there is a” side point “,” it’s appalling when you look at it quietly, “he said,” because there are two blades. “” It makes an interesting moment when you turn ordinary accessories into something else. ”

The best scenes of the drama ‘Sang Hyun (Song Jang-ho)’ sucking the blood of a beloved person (Kim Ok-bin) to fill the hunger for a moment is the best scene. “It’s the best scene where smoke, shooting and music are all together.”

Ryu Seong-hee’s art director revealed that he faced opposition to director Park Chan-wook in the blue dress of Taeju station. However, Park Chan-wook praised “The objection was so good that it was colorless.” He said, “It was a color that matched the old vampire formula and symbolized Taeju, and I was able to express a strong and fresh character.” Park Chan-wook, who revealed the philosophy of ‘Wallpaper Design’ from ‘Old Boy’ to ‘Young Girl’, ranked bats first.

Park Chan-wook also refers to the ending scene of “Bat.” “The scene where ‘Tae-joo’ dares to die by wearing shoes is a good act for Tae-ju who wanted to keep good memories with Sang Hyun, I explained to the audience that the shots were illuminated several times in the middle of the movie to express the romantic end of the ending and maximize the ending. But unexpectedly, it led to a controversy between director Jung Suk Kyung and director Ryu Sung-Hee and added a smile.

Meanwhile, I talked about Park Chan-wook’s first Hollywood project, “Stalker.” “I wrote a lot of drafts written by an American writer,” he said.

“I chose Stalker because I chose it because I thought about it,” he said. “I chose ‘Stalker’ as my first Hollywood project.

In the meantime, the female character of ‘Bats’ and’ Stalker ‘mentioned’ resemblance to the desire to find desire and to pursue without difficulty.

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