PARK Hae-soo invites his parents, relatives and close friends to a wedding march on the 14th in Seoul, Korea.

Park, Hae-soo’s prospective bride is 6 years old and younger. They grew up in love with the introduction of their friends in 2017 and developed a happy life by marrying each other based on mutual trust.

The wedding society is an old friend actor Lee Ki-Sup, and the celebrant is a musical actor with a Bible meeting and Uralala session Park Kwang Sun. The wedding ceremony of the two people also went on Monday without a performance. At the wedding ceremony, actors and musical actors who are acting together with Park Hae-su will be together.

In November last year, Park Hae – soo delivered his marriage news directly through his fan cafe and congratulated his fans first.

Park Hae-su explained, “I am going to start a new era with my life partner, and on January 14, 2019, I will hold a quiet wedding ceremony with friends who are close to my family,” he said. I feel like I want to be with my friend who is holding my hand and giving me strength when I am in a good time. I want to be fruitful. ”

Park Hae-soo told fans, “It would be a happy day if you could bless my marriage with wild flowers who have always been with me for a long time and have been a strong support since the theater stage.” ” I would like to have a meal, but I will quietly cool down and make a seat separately from our cafés. ”

The two of them married in Maldives after the wedding.

On the other hand, Park made his debut as an actor in 2007, actively performing in the musical stage such as ‘Tank named Desire’, ‘Annapurna’, ‘Judo Boy’, and ‘Male Impulse’. Park has appeared in stardom since appearing in the TVN drama ‘Sage Bamboo Life’ in 2017 in the past.

Park is cast as starring in his next film, Time of Hunting, and Quantum Physics.

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