Previously, ‘High Kick! Park Hae-sun, who was loved by bright and cheerful images through “Short Legs Counterattack” and “Boys and Girls”, will meet viewers with a deeper performance.

On the afternoon of the afternoon of 4th, the presentation of the production of the channel A new gild drama “Lovers of the 3 o’clock on weekdays” was held at Imperial Palace Seoul Selena Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. On this day, Kim Jung-min PD, Park Hae-sun, Lee Sang-yeop, Yejjwon, Jo Dong-hyuk, Jeonghoon Choi, and Choi Byung-mo attended to talk about the work.

Channel A A new drama, “Lovers of the Weekend Afternoon of the Week,” directed by Kim Jung-min) is a remake of the popular drama “Mei Flowers, 3:00 pm on weekdays” that was aired on Fuji TV in Japan in 2014. It is a growing drama of adults who suffer severe measles.

Director Kim Jung-min said, “This work is a drama in which many people who are both husband’s wife and wife find themselves and grow up in their own conflicts and troubles. To current married couples, to wives, to husbands now We are a drama that makes us look back at what we are going to do, and we have a warm feeling of love, melodrama in the genre, and I hope you will have fun. “

Through ‘Weekday afternoon’ s lover ‘, Park Hae – Seon and Lee Sang – yeop draw pure love, while Yi Ji – won and Jo Dong – hyuk draw sensual love of man and woman. Suddenly the love that you have come to see is shaking and shaking, and the change of feelings of your man and woman is the watch point. 

Park Hae-sun, who opened a new life with his marriage and childbirth after the ‘Boys and Girls’ in 2016, returns to the drama as ‘Lovers of 3 seasons on weekdays’ in three years. Park Hae-sun plays the role of a normal young housewife, Son Ji-eun, who lives part-time in the mart and performs sincerely.

The reason why he chose this work is, “I was drawing a picture to see Sinop, I am the same as myself, and I was an ordinary housewife and I never showed such a thing, so I wanted to be able to show a natural image. It was different, and it seemed to be able to show such various humanistic and frank diverse images like ‘How can a human being have a good point’?

There is also a voice of concern about the work as much as it deals with the affair, and it is not the drama that promotes the affair or improves the adultery. “We are concentrating on detailed expression of the human being that we associate with each other and feel sympathy,” and “I want to end the tragedy thoroughly. I think it’s a work that I can show you, “he said frankly.

When asked about the reaction of her husband Ryu Soo-young, he said, “I was worried about seeing Sinop, and while he was thinking that he was too good, he took a peek at me. “I am doing it better because I think that I do not know why I have to be warm and to say something.”

Finally, the actors said, “We are the first drama in the drama of Channel A, so it is very burdensome, but because of that, we are receiving full support, so we are in a good environment for actors. I think that you will see if you are going to be a time to be a drama that will not be too much to work hard. 

On the other hand, ‘lover of the city of the afternoon of the weekday’ will be broadcasted at 11 o’clock on the night of Friday

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