“On June 27, 2019, at 11 am, the western Seoul District Prosecutors’ Office, on behalf of the businessman A, filed a complaint on charges of buying singer Park Hyo Shin.”

Mr. A said, “Park Hyo-shin will take his exclusive contract from November, 2014 (from when the exclusive contract with the former company company J is finished) to the complainant to ride his own car with a 270 million won worth of Bentley passenger car and mother Including a $ 60,000 worth of Mercedes-Benz cars, a wristwatch worth 14 million won, and a total of 58 million won over a total of six times. “

Park Hyo-shin’s agency Glove Entertainment said in an official press release that “Today’s report is different from the fact that I can tell you clearly that Park Hyo-shin did not make any financial profit to others under the terms of his exclusive contract.” Stood up.

Park Hyo-shin said, “Park Hyo-shin is concentrating on the performances that are currently scheduled and will take legal action after the performance is over. We will also discuss the dissemination of false facts that undermine the honor of the artist We will respond strongly. “

In this regard, Mr. A refuted Park Hyo-shin’s claim to OSEN again. Mr. A said, “I made an entrepreneur for Park Hyo-shin, and I also used corporate cards. I bought cars, watches, luxury goods, and paid cash. I gave it back. “

He said, “If you are just a personal friend, I will make a big corporation name, and I will spend a lot of money.” I contacted Park Hyo-shin last December, and I was waiting for a few years ago.

“We did not specify the amount of corporate card usage,” A said. “We borrowed a total of 200 million won and paid only the principal after a year or two,” he added.

On the other hand, some fans suspected that Mr. A was deliberately maliciously accused just before Park Hyo-shin’s concert was held. Park Hyo-shin is scheduled to hold six solo concerts at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium from the 29th.

In response, Mr. A said, “It took about a week to review the complaint data, and the complaint was filed on the 27th, and it was coincidentally overlapped with the concert and the suicide point. 

Park Hyo-shin was sentenced to the third accusation in relation to the exclusive contract. In addition, it is sad to be upset before the concert. While both sides are tightly confronted, the truth is what to watch. 

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