In TVN ‘Sai Comet Lee Gee’ broadcasted on the 18th, Ian (Park Jin-young) was portrayed in the reunion with Jaein (Shin Eun-eun).

On this day, the mathematic teacher (Kim Won Hae) tried to give Jaein a salt attack but luckily he was tried with the appearance of Ian.

Moreover, the math teacher is the first person to be arrested because of his solid identity. Lee Ji-suk (Dasom) and her mother (Kim Kwon) met with Jaein directly and reported the situation.

The index also recognized Ian as having no guardian, and Ian gave it a bodyguard role. The index says, “I’m excited. She does not study anyway, “she laughed.

My lady told me, “I heard you want to be a judge. Is it your dad? I asked Dad not to reveal his innocence?

Currently, the school children are trying to figure out the past of Jaein. Jae-in showed hyperventilation, and Ian was pleased with that person.

Jane said, “I need something to protect me. Now I have the title of the first in the whole school, and even if it is people who live in the rooftop of me, It’s funny, but it is. ” Ian said, “It’s not funny. I’m left with only terrible abilities. ”

Ian also tells Jane his sick story, “Tell me about your father. You can not run away until the time. Is not it difficult? ” Jain said, “It’s hard. It may not be a fake. It might be the real killer. So I’m scared. That’s why I can not ask you. I have no confidence “.

“If your father did something wrong, it is not your fault,” Ian said. I will help you. Not now. When you are ready, “he said.

However, the past of Jaein was revealed by the math teacher, and Jaein finally left school. Jain said to Ian, “Your ability is growing up nicely. Then I will find you when I am born. ”

Two years from now. Ian, who took the test for the police officer, was reunited with the supervisor, and the curtain was raised to the point of widening his curiosity.

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