Actors Kang Seong-jin and Park Jung-su starred in JTBC’s ‘Please Take a Refrigerator’ broadcast on the 9th. 

Park Jung Soo is an actor called ‘National Mother-in-law’. MCs asked, “I think I’ll envy you about your role.” 

Park Jung-soo said, “I think this is the first time. I don’t want any actors to be the best. Our country is poor, there is no, and the weak is the main character. But the role is not given. I’m upset. I’m not first but I’m second. ” 

But he said, “Who did it later? You shouldn’t try to have everyone. You look pretty, and you’re going to do your mother. That’s not it.” 

The MCs drove Park Jung-soo to say, “Is it prettier than a stigma?”, And Park Jung-su said, “No. It’s weird. Hello.

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