TVN, which was first broadcast on the 10th, is a perfect curator at work in her new drama ‘Her Private Life’, but the figure of Sung Duk-mi (Park Min-young), who is an idol soul, was drawn.

Seongdeokmi was a curator of the Museum of Fine Arts armed with perfection from head to toe. The place where she ran after work was the performance hall of the idol ‘White Ocean’.

When I know it, Seongdeokmi lived a life of the famous homemade dog named “My Way”. She took out expensive equipment and was delighted to take a picture of a white ocean member and his most beloved idol, Chacian. And I watched the performances in Chassie and made a wonderful look on the world.

After that, Seongdeokmi found the auction site to save a writer’s work, and there he met Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-wook). Seongdeokmi began to look at him like a referee, and Ryan Gold described it as “a work made in 1987. It features a delicate line and harmonious figure, perfect proportions, the title of which is Ryan Gold.” . “I thought I wanted to have it,” he said, “I want to have it.”

However, the two compete for one picture.

The works of ‘Isol’ artist who said that she likes tea which she usually hates as a hobby comes to the auction. So, to make it a birthday present for Choshi, Seongdeok Mee ran a fierce auction competition because it was a piece that I wanted to personally have.

In the end, the painting was in the hands of Ryan Gold, and Seongdeokmi asked me to “concede to me the work I won.” But Ryan Gold refused.

Seongdeok Mei has had a hard time receiving a police investigation because of the slush fund of the director Sanghee Kim (Kim Sun-young).

Nevertheless, she could not stop cheating on Cha Xian. He headed to the airport to take pictures for his return home, and he took the best spot to shoot him. Soon Cha Si-an showed up at the airport, and the fans of Chassie, including Seongdeokmi, ran at full speed to take a picture of him and to look closely. However, Ryan Gold, who was on the same plane as Chasin, was attacked by Chasian fans and he was once again confronted with Sung Deok Mi.

Seong Deok Mee apologized to Ryan Gold, who had been with him, “I’m sorry,” but he shouted, “Is this what you do to get such a child?” In the meantime, Ryan Gold tried to take a look at the face of the mask that Seong Deok Mi was wearing,

On the other hand, it is heard that the new enema is coming to the Museum of Filled Art after Mumbai. So, Seongdeokmi declared, “I will quit.” Because of this, Sang-hee promised to succeed Sung Duk-mi and leave him as the next chief.

Seong Deok Mee, who promised to go to work last time and went to the museum, met with Ryan Gold, who was appointed as the new director. So the two of them reunited with ghouls.

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