Kim Soo-mi has passed the preliminary groom, Park Sang-min’s customized simple recipe. 

Park Sang – min appeared in the TVN entertainment ‘Sumine side dish’ broadcasted on the 10th. 

On that day, actor Park Sang-min, who is called the original son of Kim Soo-mi, appeared. In particular, Park Sang-min, who is a pre-marriage bride, asked Park Sang-min, “Do you usually cook?” Park Sang-min answered “Ramen” and Kim Su-mi said, “I will tell you something delicious  
.” Park Sang – min said, “Please let me know by simple things.” 

About the first dish, Kim Su – mi introduced “Anchovy jjigae” and said, “I have to go to the side to eat in spring. 
I poured out anchovy broth and sprinkled broth. When Kim started to enter the chopsticks, he introduced a tip that anchovies should be put in. 

Above all, I filled up a large amount of cooking ingredients and was amazed. When the anchovies are ripe to some extent, they finish by giving them points with eSlant sun chilli. After the tasting of the anchovy, which was a starter, I also confirmed the finished anchovy stew. I tasted my own juicy soup and admired the flavor of the fishy potato stew. 

Kim Soo – mi, “soon to be married to cook the newborn Sangmin, I will give you a short – lived egg station,” said the second menu. 
Kim Su – mi said, “When you cook eggs, it is better to release it 5 to 10 minutes in advance.” After boiling the broth, the egg was loosened into broth and the livers of the shrimp were adjusted to the liver. After 5 minutes, the recipes were completed. It was a very short time for anyone to succeed. 

Next, I decided to make kimchi. I chopped Kimchi right away, and Park Sang – min was laughing at the first kimchi dish dish he had ever known. I started to ride in Kimchi game, and I was ruined from flipping. After Kim Chi – jeon was completed at the end of the twist and turn, Park Sang – min said, “I think Kimchi – or Dong – Dong – ju in Kimchi – jeon.” 

Next, we decided to make Kimchi using oilseed rape. It was spring kimchi second round after Nabakimchi. 
Kim Soo-mi, who brought the rape blossoms, explained, “Kimchi made with light stem and front part before the blooming flower.” You can also pick up the oil with salt, but you can pass it off.

I started the cooking in earnest, I put a double spoon with a big spoon of a canary, and I dropped a shrimp sauce. 
The white part of the green onion was sliced ​​and adjusted to the size of oil. In the spaghetti grilled five tablespoons of garlic, only about two fingers of the garlic were put into the sauce and the sauce was immediately buried in the rape leaves. Ginger was omitted to enjoy the rape flavor. Evenly, the sauce was buried, and when it waited, it was said that Kimchi was finished with the oil-drenched oil. 

Finally, I decided to make bean sprouts soup. I put water in the pot and I put a spoonful of coarse salt into the boiling water. 
Carrots, cucumbers and onions were sliced ​​and prepared, and boiled bean sprouts were boiled in boiling water. And it was just one minute to put the spinach. 

I made seasonings in soy sauce. In a tablespoon of soy sauce, sugar and honey were put in half. Then, after finishing the spinach which had been soaked in cold water, he tore the oyster mushroom prepared for a little bitterned face. Finally, all prepared vegetables were roasted with coarse bean sprouts, finishing with sauces, and finished with bean sprouts which can be eaten properly. Then, it was fascinated by the flavor of soy sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce, two tablespoons of vinegar, and soy sauce with wasabi sauce. 

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