On the 41st and 42nd MBC weekend drama ‘No Twice’ broadcasted on the 11th, Geum-Hae (Park Se-wan) showed Do Do-hee (Park Jun-ge) an email from Singapore.

On that day, he sent an e-mail to his husband, Kang Jin-gu (Lee Seo-joon), when he received an invitation to the Singapore Art Collection.

The organizer sent him an e-mail regarding the list. Geum-bak met Do Do-hee and showed her the names of Oh In-sook (Hwang Young-hee) and Son Byeong-ki (Park Gun-rak). Do Do-hee said he would find out more.

Choi Geo-bok (Juhyun) went to solve the bag password when the password of the bag was his birthday, but it did not open. When Choi returned to the inn, he opened the bag and was surprised. There were several gold bars in the bag.

Choi was embarrassed by saying, “Why is this here? What’s this? It can’t be changed from the safe. How did this bag come to me?”

Na Hae-jun (Kwak Dong-yeon) invited the resort accounting team manager to find out what happened between Oh In-sook and Gang Jin-gu. Na Ha-joon asked the manager what was the job of the deputy Kang Jin-gu. The manager said he did not know the details and said he was curious about Kang Jin-gu’s job.

Choi Man-ho (Jung Suk-yong) and Yang Geum-hee (Go Soo-hee) opened a bakery opened with the help of the paradise inns. The whole family gathered and went through the test to pray for the jackpot.

The gold leaf printed a message sent by the organizer of the Singapore Art Collection and visited Oh In-suk. Geum-ha said, “Why did you lie to me? You said you weren’t going to Singapore.”

Oh In-sook said, “Maybe something went wrong.” “I don’t believe you. You must be involved in your father’s death.”

Na Ha-joon told Geum-Hae that he would not be able to keep his reinstatement promises, but he would allow him to work for his friend’s company. The gilding carefully respected.

Na Hae-jun asked him if he was stubborn and kept sticking. “I think you’re involved in your father’s death, but I don’t want to be helped by his son. Don’t come back. It’s uncomfortable and hard to see your face.” 

Na Hae-jun asked, “Please answer carefully. Do you really want me not to appear in front of you?” The gold leaf said, “I’m serious.”

Nawangsam went directly to Innsook to take Bang Eunji (Yewon) from Paradise Inns. Peritoneal Rye (Yoon Yeo Jung) and Choi Geo-bok wondered why Nawangsam was looking for a room.

At that time, Bang Eun-ji appeared with a fan. Bang Eun-ji was surprised to see Nawangsam and said, “Why is your brother here?” The peritoneal example saw Bang Eun-ji call Nawangsam as his brother and noticed the relationship between them.

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