Kim Tae-won appeared on Channel A ‘Icon Tact’ on the 9th. He added that the iconic protagonist said, “I seemed to have put pressure on me in the past.”

“In the past, I had a lot of sociality and lack. Many people thought they were not polite because they didn’t speak much when they rehearsed on stage. So I think it was difficult for me. ” He added that he had never expressed his mind.

His opponent was Park Wan-kyu. Park Wan-kyu was surprised that Kim Tae-won pointed himself to IconTact. 

Park Wan-gyu said, “What is Kim Tae-won to me? No other words are needed. Half of my heart. It is half of my heart and feels like a mother. I am in the same line with the feelings that I feel for my mother. ” 

On this day, Kim Tae-won gathered her eyes as she broadcasted her eyes with Park Wan-kyu. 

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