Sung Hyun-ah told me that he had overcome difficult times because of his child.

Park Won-sook and Sung Hyun-ah reunited in 20 years at MBN ‘Modern Family’, which aired on October 25.

Park Won-suk met Seong Hyun-a who came to the Namhae to meet her in 20 years. The two have been breathing in mother and daughter in the national drama “ See and See ”, which ended in 1999. The two closed their eyes and hugged as soon as they saw each other. Park Won-sook at the studio said, “At that time, it was plump but it was very thin. It was also the first meeting to hear the news only when the nature went out and well. So I didn’t feel good. ”

When asked how Park Won-sook lived, Sung Hyun-a said, “You have to live quietly. I worked hard, ”he laughed. When asked if there is a good person, Sung-hyun said, “No”, “I want to live without being lonely. I think I wanted to lean on the man before. “I wanted to take it away because I was greedy.” “I seem to have lived seven years since the incident. I put it down a lot during that time. All of them could be overcome by one child. ” 

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