Park Yeon-sun and Park Yeon-su’s second date scene was depicted in MBN entertainment program ‘Can We Love Again’.

Park Young-sun went on a train trip with Bong Young-sik, a blind date. Park Young-sun, who had eaten a cider and had a serious conversation about eating the same age, told her that she lost confidence after divorce.

Bong Young-sik, comforting him, said, “I did too. I’m embarrassed because my juniors tried to get married, but I divorced. I’m not in a situation to tell anyone what to do. ”

Bong Yeong-sik, who had a crush on Park Young-sun on the first day of the blind date, talked about this. He was thrilled by saying, “I’m still doing it,” to Park Young-sun’s question of how old he was in pure love.

Park Young-sun, who got off the train and had a date, smiled. Park said, “Erai” made a smile to Bong Young-sik, who said that the sheep are still in summer.

Afterwards, the two members were playing tango while watching the sunset. Closely tango tango went for a canoe.

Seeing Bong Yeong-sik, who couldn’t catch his row, Park Young-sun said, “Is it the military?” Bong Young-sik said, “I will row because I am a man.” Park Young-sun said, “I will try because I am a woman of childbearing age.”

The two men wishing on a canoe felt a calm atmosphere. Bong Yeong-sik talks about the wish he made to Park Young-sun and said, “I wish a happy world to this person. I want to tell my daughter that there was such a person. ” Park Young-sun said, “Thank you in many ways.

Park’s second date began. Park Yeon-soo went out on a date with Nami Island. Before going out on a date, Jung Ju-cheon prepared a cup of coffee that was poured directly into the tumbler.

Park Yeon-soo, who received the coffee of Chung Ju-cheon, said, Can I have all my coffee? ” Jung Joo-cheon, who had a wrong road while driving, said, “I couldn’t concentrate on driving because of seeing Park Yeon-su.”

Park Yeon-soo, who said that she had a fear of heights, went to ride the zip line and was afraid. Jung Ju-cheon, who was comforting him, said, “If you overcome the fear, it will be fun. Look down there. The scenery is beautiful. ”

Park’s enthusiasm was encouraging. I couldn’t listen to Jung Ju-cheon because of Park Yeon-su who climbed the zip line. Park said, “What did you say to me?” Park Yeon-soo, who was riding on the zip line together, was burning with her eyes closed.

Joo-cheon and Park Yeon-soo arrived at Nami Island on a zip line with courage. I tried to take a life shot while spraying the leaves together. Jung Ju-cheon picked up the autumn leaves and sprayed on Park Yeon-su’s face and smiled.

Angry Park Yeon-soo also laughed at each other by holding a bunch of autumn leaves and spraying them on her face. It seemed bad, but soon Park Yeon-soo and Jung Ju-cheon brushed the autumn leaves on each other’s faces, creating a pink atmosphere.

Park Yeon-soo and Jeong Ju-cheon came to enjoy the autumn leaves and camping and prepared a meal for each other. Park Yeon-soo picked up the knife of Chung Ju-cheon while cooking and said, “Can you give me this knife?”

Horan’s private life was also revealed. Horan, who lives with two cats, called her acquaintances and dressed up as Hansang.

“I lived in this house for a long time, but people here know me, and I care about all the kids.” I confessed. Horan said, “I think the child should see only happy and flawless families.” Later, Horan’s boyfriend was released to arouse curiosity.

Kim Kyung-ran was delighted to receive a video letter from Daniel Henney. Lee Kyu-han, who has a close relationship with Daniel Henney, asked Daniel Henney to release a video of Daniel Henney.

In the video Daniel Henney said, “We will go to say hello later. Have a cup of coffee. ” The Udassa members who watched the video letter laughed, saying, “I saw Lee Kyu-Hyun again.”

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