On the 13th broadcast TVN performing arts’ ‘Tearing Sound 3’, the appearance of Park Myeong-soo, Park Narae, Yang Se-chan, Han Tae-woong and Ulsan Youngmyun Haenam Jung Woo-woo,

The work of the village of Uga was endless. The members had to clean the seaweed and the flounder after the hard stuff and the field.

There has been a sudden loss of moment in the work of pouring. ‘Real Real Labor’ has made the tongue out of the all – female president, Park Na – rae and Ace Yang – chan. The members shouted, “I’m dying, I do not like to look like a flatfish, I have a bad back,” he said. The members who completed the finishing of the dried up seaweed and the seaweed encouraged each other to “work hard”.

After finishing the labor, Jung Woo Woo, Han Tae Woong, and Jin Sohee shared a hearty conversation. Jin Soo-hee, in an interview with the production team, said, “I am both younger and deeper.

Jung Woo-woo had planned hard-boiled charcoal pampering for her aunt and members. He said, “I have not been able to go to such a place (jjimjilbang) as usual. I thought that I should give him a healing by taking this time.”

Jin Soo-hee, who has a beauty-related certificate, opened a beauty salon for Park Ae-rae and her aunt. Jin Sohee and Park Jae-rae massage the hands and facials of their aunts and relieve their aunt’s fatigue.

After the fumigation, Kim Won Woo served the pork belly baked on charcoal fire. He cooked pork belly on the charcoal fire, and the members cooked the storm pork belly. In particular, Jung Soo-woo and Jin Soo-hee fed each other with bamboo shoots and showed the appearance of almonds.

The next day, Park Jae-rae, Yang Se-chan, Jung Woo-woo, and Jin Soo-hee came up with authentic materials.

Jung Soo-woo and Jin Soo-hee, who made a mood of the day before, turned into rivals. The two men, who had been in a tense battle since the first meeting, held a confrontation with their pride.

In the 4th year, Dae-jin So-hee and 10-year Haenam Chang-woo each teamed up with Park Narae and Yang Se-chan, respectively, and held material confrontations with Ulsan and Geoje. The rule was that a team that had a lot of abalone and sea cucumber win.

Jung Woo-woo said, “This is my home stadium, I am confident of winning.” Jin Soh-hee, too, said, “I am very competitive and I like competition well.

Confrontation began, and Jin Soo turned into a mermaid and swept the materials, the sea cucumbers and abalone. Nara said, “It’s like a water snake. It moved so smoothly in the water.” Jung Woo-woo also admired Jin Soo-hee’s material skills.

After all, the first half result was a victory for Jin Soo-hee. Jin Soo-hee pulled out his natural abalone, which was just like a palm, and Jeong-woo showed his dismayed feeling that he should “retire from Haenam.”

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