In the 5th and 6th episodes of the KBS2 monthly drama ‘Perfumes’ broadcasted on the 10th, Min Jae-hee (Ha Jae-suk) caught up with Park Jun-yong (Kim Ki-doo).

On this day, Kim Jin-kyung (Kim Jin-kyung) discovered the same cell phone as Min Jae-hee’s case and chased Min-Yeolin (Ko Won-hee). As soon as Kim Jin-kyung called Min Jae-hee and confirmed it, Seido (Shin Sung-rak) called first.

Kim Jin-kyung said, “I thought I was mistaken because it was the same case as my mother’s phone.” Suh, who appeared next, said, “Hey, cleaner, did you dare to chew on my phone?”

Afterwards, Ido became angry that Min-Jilin had seen the model audition. However, Han Ji-na (Chae Yeon-ryun) said, “I am a model worker and I asked her to help her.

After that, Min-Jilin was auditioned for the second time after receiving the first pass. While he was shooting a model picture, he remembered his past with Kim Tae – joon (Cho Han – chul) and tears. Kim Tae – joon ‘s words that he would love and love, and he had an affair with Min Jae – hee.

As I watched this scene, I suddenly remembered my past childhood and fell down. He woke up from the hospital and watched Min Kyorin, who kept his side, shouting, “What are you? I am back to make me mad.”

Since then, Lee has made a decision of ‘Fail’ by giving 0 points to the second audition of Min-Yorin. Min-yorin is angry and shouted, “Are you the only one who is the only one with a point of view”?

Since then, Min Jae-rin has been offered exclusive contract for a singer in the agency of Yun Min-suk. Chuncheon Oh (Lee Hanji) proposed to put her in a group of girls after a year’s practice period, but Min Jiyurun insisted, “I want to be a fashion model.”

“I do not have much time left to me, I want to use that time meaningfully,” Min Jilin told Seo Ido. When Seo Ido asked, “What are you doing?” Min-Yeorin replied, “Perhaps there is only one year left.”

In the end, one of the successful candidates proposed a vacancy in Min-Yorin, saying that the bridge broke, and that “housework would be in compliance with 52 hours a week.” Min-cheol cheered and accepted the suggestion of Ishida.

“I felt a strange feeling of clothes made for me,” she said in a question on the question of why she wanted to wear her clothes. Then he said, “It’s a delusion, it’s an early phenomenon.”

After that, Min-jilin headed to Kim Tae-jun’s company. He attended Kim Tae – joon ‘s prize in a position of Min Jae – hee and gave a congratulatory message in front of everyone. Kim Tae-joon was unable to get to the company people, and he tied up with Min Jae-hee.

So, Min Jae-hee said, “I do not have a stupid tackle like you and I will divorce you, but now it’s not the time, so shut up and wait for it.” Then he said, “When you are shedding tears and hanging like a dog to me, then I will throw you away.”

After that, Min-jilin found clothes while cleaning the house of Seo-do. He enjoyed his own fashion show wearing clothes that were made for him. I witnessed it and said, “What are you doing? You put on this.”

The embarrassed Minorin tried to escape from the West Island and tore his clothes sleeve. He went out into the hallway with a shame and a sorry night for sleeping outside.

Afterwards, Ido took Min Jilin, who slept in the hallway, home. Min – jilin returned to Min Jae – hee in an uncomfortable way, and before returning to Min – jirin, he found Sui Island, which fell on the porch. West Island was in a state of stunnedness after drinking drunkenness.

At the end of the drama, Min Jae-hee came into the house with the idol in front of him and met with Park Jun-yong (Kim Ki-doo). Park Jun-yong was confused when he realized that Min Jae Hee and Min Jae Rin were the same person. He asked, “Who are you? What the hell are you?” And inspired curiosity about future development.

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