JTBC’s entertainment program ‘Take the Refrigerator,’ which aired on the afternoon of 12th, showed the refrigerator as Lee Bong-won and Lee Man-gi as guest.

Lee Man-gi, who is starring along with Ahn Jung-hwan on ‘Have to unite’, asked Ahn Jung-hwan to ask him, “Have you made a vice-chairman.

Subsequently, a telephone connection with Hur Jae, who previously appeared on the last broadcast and said, “I will come and eat only when recording.” He laughed about the comparison with Lee Man-gi, saying, “Soccer is there. It’s better to be younger and handsome than my brother.” After the phone, Ahn Jung-hwan said, “I want to send both of them to another team.”

There was a story about Lee Man-gi’s wrestling days. Lee Mangi “remembered that the rules have changed a lot to prevent my solo. The way of catching the bar has changed, and sitting and starting the game has changed,” he recalled. Regarding the confrontation with Kang Ho-dong, he remembered that “he was instructed to make him angry. That strategy worked.”

The TV commercials I shot at that time were also played. Lee Man-gi published the story behind “Natural pine in January. I took a picture with a real pine tree. I wrote a real tree because I couldn’t smoke because I used fake trees.”

Imangi’s fridge unveiled. There was a thrilling eye inside. Lee Man-gi “Mother was giving only my father, and I saw something, it was just perilla,” he said. Chef Yoo Hyun-soo said, “Improve immunity. It is also good for skin beauty.”

Lee Man-gi said, “I can’t eat food. I went to Europe to promote Korea before the 1988 Olympics. I haven’t eaten one piece and I only had coke. “I want to get rid of the trauma of aquaculture through ‘please take care of the refrigerator’,” he expressed his willingness to challenge aquaculture.

The first confrontation was Laman Kim and Lee Yeon-bok. Lee Man-gi laughed when he saw Rayman Kim standing in front of him for cooking. Rayman Kim served Galchiguk and Galchijang Tteokgalbi. Lee Man-gi “Galchiguk is a natural taste of Galchi is really cool and Korean. Haejangdo. Jangteokgalbi is not just rice wine.” Lee Yeon-bok has a steamed rice dumplings and cutlass dumplings. Every time he tastes new foods, Mangigi smiles and says, “It’s so delicious.” The winner was Lee Yeong-bok.

Ahead of the battle between Jung Ho-young and Yoo Hyun-soo, Lee’s son appeared in surprise. My son, who resembles his father, said, “I came to Korea for a while while studying in the US, and my father said that he would go out for the refrigerator. Please enjoy it.”

Jung Ho-young and Yoo Hyun-soo confronted the theme of farming. However, the two cooked Korean food as if they were conscious of the taste of Lee Man-gi. Ahn Jung-hwan said, “Both foods are Korean.” After eating Jeong Ho-young’s dish, he said, “If you eat this food, you can stay abroad for about 10 days.” Yoo Hyun-soo’s Goulashi said, “I usually don’t eat steak, but it’s delicious. If I have such food in other countries, I eat 100%.” The win was won by Yoo.

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