On this day, some member agencies of ‘X One’, including ‘Starship’, were seized by police.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Cyber ​​Safety Division began to seize the agency at 10 am on that day. Vocabulary related materials were found at planning agencies such as ‘Starship Entertainment’, ‘Ullim Entertainment’, and ‘MBK Entertainment’.

The search for ‘Starship’ ended in eight hours and thirty minutes. The police came out with a blue box containing data seized about 6:20 pm.

A police official said, “We conducted an investigation to see what kind of relationship there was between the program crew and their company.”

Starship said, “The police investigated CJ ENM for suspicion of ranking manipulation. In the process, the partners are also investigating collectively. I will cooperate sincerely.”

The police also found out that they had manipulated live votes during the investigation. The number of final votes for two or three members of ‘X One’ actually belongs to the elimination group.

The police are looking into the entire Produce 101 series. We summoned the crew of ‘Pedue X’ earlier. They also seized and searched CJ ENM offices and text archives.

‘Pedue X’ selected 11 X-ones last July. Song Hyung-jun and Kang Min-hee belong to ‘Starship’. Nam Do-hyun and Lee Han-keol belong to ‘MBK’ and Cha Jun-ho belongs to ‘Ullim’.

After the broadcast, however, suspicions were raised about live voting. The final 1-20 votes are all multiples of ‘7494.442’. It was pointed out that it is a probability impossible.

Mnet asked the police on July 26 to investigate the production of ‘Pedue X’. Viewers also accused the producers of ‘Peddu X’ for alleged fraud and hijacking.

The police are looking into the entire Produce 101 series. Earlier, they seized and searched for CJ ENM and letter archiving companies. The crew also looked for recordings that mention manipulation.

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