On September 9, SBS Love FM ‘Kim Sang Hyuk, Dindin’s Oppee Radio’ appeared as a guest, and a comedian Kim Jun-hyun appeared as a guest.

DJ Kim Sang Hyuk said, “I was busy, but I was happy to appear on our radio.” Kim Jun-hyun said, “It was not easy, but I was wondering if you wanted to check out Dindin’s wonderful appearance, “He said.

Kim Sang Hyuk said, “But I do not think I got acquainted with Mr.Dindin, so what is Kim Dong-hyun?” Kim Jun-hyun replied simply that “Dindin is Dindin.” Then he asked Dindin, “It’s Kim Jun-hyun to Dindin.” Dindin replied, “It’s a really easy form. 

In addition, Kim received a question from the listener ‘s question, asking “Which group would you like to enter if you are an idol member? He said, “I want to go to Mamma Mu, I’m a fan, and Mamma is not very good at chords, I think I can lay the bass.”

He said, “I do not think I want it in the Boys group, and I think the humor of Mamamu is right for me. Kim Jun-hyun said, “I used to dress like an old woman and perform ‘idiot’ performances.” Kim Sang Hyuk said, “I watched and turned the channel.”

Soon another question was asked, “What about the kanji of the name?” Kim Jun-hyun replied, “It’s a fresh question.

Kim said, “But why is it a pot? Does it mean to eat rice from highs?” Kim Jun-hyun said, “I think it means to be the best by eating.

Dindin also told Kim Jun-hyun that he gave the nickname “Bulletproof Jun-Hyun Dan.” Kim Jun – hyun said, “I introduced Dundin to Busan and gave him a nickname, Bangtan Seonhyun Dan.” So he went to a restaurant and there are pictures of other people. I do not really fail when Jun-hyun blows food to his brother. ” 

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