In the Mnet entertainment program ‘To be world klass,’ which was broadcasted on the night of the night, J.YOU, J. Han, Woonggi, JEROME, Chan, Chi Hoon, Jae Yoon, Jae Ho, Dong Gun, and ROBIN (Robin) ), The reality of the birth of global idol Ten Oriented Orchestra (TOO) around Summit, Kyungho, TAICHI, Jisoo, Minsu, Si Joon, KENNY (Kenny), LIM (Lim), RICKY (Ricky), and Kyung Joon.

The trainees were given a global KCON LA evaluation mission. The trainees practiced and rehearsed several hours before the performance.

The World Team created a powerful and somewhat evil atmosphere with Bad Guy. Like the homme fatale or the villain, the people perfectly expressed the bad male style with ‘Kalgunmu’ and neat stage manners.

The class team was a bit nervous about the world team’s advance, but soon did their best to get on stage. For class teams, the choreography practice was somewhat difficult. It was difficult to match and received a lot of skill points.

However, the class team led the stage stably by expressing the bright and fresh atmosphere of ‘Wat Doo You Min?’ In their own style. The boys, dressed in cool white and blue costumes, showed the possibility of idols by covering the slightest part with their unique facial expressions. Local audiences cheered on the stage of these boys, who showcase K-pop’s appeal.

Chan said, “After I finished, I really realized. I wanted the stage so much. ”

Both teams were happy after the concert and gathered their hands together in the waiting room, shouting “Fighting”. On the way back to the hostel, Minsu said, “I still don’t believe it. I want to be here in a dream, ”he confessed.

Surprisingly, a surprise event was prepared for those who returned to the hostel. It was the first surprise fan meeting for them. Fan meeting invitations were sent to the audience who saw the show, and local audiences were there to see them. It was a necessary process to become an idol.

Huge fans came together to see them. In the end, the trainees who undressed their eyes showed tears as they could not hide the happiness of overseas fans.

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