On this day, Osumi and Moonji visited the house of Kim Joon-ho, who was captivated by the devil, and explained why they came. Kim Jun-ho said, “I know that I am strange, I feel something is eating me,” and Moonji said, “This kind of treatment is not a normal way. I will protect you. ”

In the end, Kim Joon-ho was in the hands of Osumi and Munggi, and when the two men prayed, the demon soon reacted to Kim Jun-ho’s body. When the devil came out of the mouth of the paperback, the name of Jesus’ disciples came out and screamed. When the devil came up with the names of the saints and the saints, they memorized a strange spell which caused the flies to bloom in the house.

So, Moonji said that suddenly the flies that appeared suddenly stopped the circulating Osumi and Jung Yong-pil, saying that it was the hallucination of the devil. When the two men continued to pray, the police who Kim Joon-ho called came to his house. Kim Joon-ho sneaks on Osmun and Moonji to get rituals and calls the police.

When he realized that he had been deceived by the devil, he handed him over to Osumin, saying, “Whoever keeps you, Han Eun-Ho, if you get caught, can not escape now anyway.” Then the devil laughed as if it was exciting, “I invited you.”

After that, he went to the police station and was interrogated by the detective, and the detective said, “This is not the first time, it is very rude.

On the other hand, Osmin tried to deal with the devil for his advance to save paperwork trapped in the police station. “Oh, do not come,” he said, “looking at Shin Mi-yeon (Ohnyah),” Thank you, Mr. Shin, thank you also to my family. I have seen it in the unconscious way, and I am the way to be the priest of the devil. ”

But at that moment, Moonji said, “Where does the priest deny Christ? He never sells his life as a mortgage, it is a fake by the devil.”

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