“In the end, it’s about the relationship. Sometimes it’s hard, but there’s more to it than the relationship. I wanted to talk about the relationship. ”

The workplace episode that is happening between ordinary office workers and a somewhat unusual entertainer boss is thrown into the entertainment. The new boss, ‘Problematic Boss,’ which the ‘Problematic Man’ crew will show off in a rainy season, is about to hit Wednesday night.

The TVN ‘Problematic Boss’ (Directed by Lee Geun-chan), which will be broadcasted at 11 pm on March 6th (Wed.), is the close-contact reality about the stories of Korean CEOs and their bosses. I hope that the entertainers who show the aspect of the non-broadcasters and the workers with the bosses will be able to solve the frosted imagination pleasantly.

Lee Keun-chan CP announced at the program production production held at Stanford Hotel Grand Ballroom in Sangam-dong, Sangam-dong, on October 4, “There are many celebrity businessmen who are involved only in public relations or marketing. I went ahead. As a result, I received four of you, “said” I thought it would be a genuine story when I watched it really hard. ”

Jung Jun-ho, Tony An, Tony An and Lee Chun-hee were named as celebrity CEO line-ups. We will be able to see the different aspects of those who are actively succeeding as businessmen in various fields such as fashion, lifestyle brand, and management, not entertainers. In addition to their own management philosophy and know-how, they will feel the authenticity of their business as they are serious about their business.

Jung Jun-ho said, “I think that I am the CEO who best suits the problematic boss. I am a boss at work but I have my own disadvantages and I work hard, but I think that there are some aspects that employees may lack. ” He said, “Since I was an entertainer, I was interested in how I was acting as a CEO and a CEO. Nowadays, it is very difficult to get a job and it is not easy to operate as an owner of a company. In the meantime, if you are an entertainer who is in charge of the business and you really want to be an entrepreneur in your business, and you want to be honest and truthful about what you are doing in your business, I think it will be a great help for those who are preparing for business. ”

“Tony is talking about the tension in the production presentation for a long time,” he said. “I did not think I was a Dido, but I saw a VCR, so I see a lot of things I did not know,” he said. “I think I got a lot worried. As a broadcaster, I thought that it would be necessary to show the artist what was made of the stacked frame, but there were many things I did not know how to show this. Actually, I was surprised to see a lot of VCRs that I did not know well. I am excited to see new bosses that are different from usual ones. ”

Lee Chun-hee, “Emotional boss,” said, “It was very funny to see the employees as well as the bosses through the program.” Many people think that business is easy when entertainers do business, but that is not so. I want you to think that you are doing. We are together with our employees to make memories together. ”

In the studio, former boss Shin Dong-yeop, who shares his talk with the company, watches their work life and joins another incumbent boss, Jang Dong-min. The bosses will sympathize with each other, empathize with the employees, and give the audience a big smile.

Lee Keun-chan, CP, who joined MC as a former boss, said, “I first contacted Shin Dong-yeop after planning this program. Unconditionally, Shin Dong-yeop thought he should do MC. I thought I could not do a problematic boss unless it was Shin Dong-yop. ” He said, “I had a lot of trouble in Shin Dong-yeop (business) and I was worried that I could talk on the air. ‘I wanted to collect some of the entertainers who are running the company directly and I want to do a program.’ I told them I was careful, but I took a sigh of relief because I accepted it well. ”

Shin Dong-yeop said, “Since I debuted in the entertainment industry relatively early, I have little experience in general social and organizational life. There were many exciting points when I heard the actual organizational life story as well as the ‘problematic boss’. ” He said, “When a celebrity actually goes through an organization, I wonder if it is real. I will try to share the story with my colleagues and the former boss in terms of viewers who will do their business while they are broadcasting. ”

Chang Dong-min said, “In other broadcasts, what I felt while filming was really a story of the naked people, and the bosses who were appearing were amazed about themselves, but the people watching from the side were also amazed to say,” Was there also such a thing? ” It seems to be interesting to see the common stories of the workers these days from entertainers. It is a program that expects to shoot every day, “said the funny point of the problematic boss.

In addition, the stories of employees who actually work under these CEOs are likely to catch the eye. One of the biggest watch points of tvN ‘Problematic Boss’ is their job life between ordinary office workers and a somewhat unusual entertainer boss. Sometimes it is said that those who have the same image about various issues such as ‘salary’, ‘dinner’, etc. That appear in their work life sometimes seem to laugh and empathize.

Lee Keun-chan CP said, “Employees interviewed employees not as entertainers but as bosses, so it was not like the images on the air. There were some things that I could talk about, but that’s the other side of the company. I will be able to watch it through broadcasting. ”

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