Mnet audition program ‘Produce X 101’ which was broadcasted on the afternoon of 17th was released the second group evaluation ‘X battle’.

Sohn Dong-pyo, a trainee who had previously set up the stage as a center, said, “I want to make an avengers team.” He chose F class Gummo, C grade Kim Yoan, followed by Song Hyungjoon, Lee Eun Sang, Cha Junho, Han Seung Woo, Lee Jin Hyuk, Kim Min Kyu, Jin Woo Kim,

Other trainees started to check that they are “avengers already”, “I took a lot of searches but only took ending elves”.

In the following order, the debut songs and hit songs of EXO, Bang Bang Boys, New East W, GOT7, Monster X, Seventeen, NCT U and Warner One were released.

Son Dong-pyo hoped for NCT U’s ‘BOSS’ and collected Kim Yo-Han, Han Seung-woo, Lee Jin-hyuk, Lee Eun-sang and Cha Jun-ho. He said, “I picked twelve people and things did not happen.” 

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