On Mnet ‘Produce X101’ broadcast on 19th, the final evaluation was made on live broadcasting to cover 11 final debut.

In the Producer X101, there is a difference in the selection of the debut member from last season. First, ten people from the first to the tenth succeed in their debut. But the last one, X, is chosen not by 11 but by combining the cumulative number of votes cast in the last three months and the debut score.

The final debut member was hidden on the day, and the friendship of the trainees caught the eye.

Lee Jin-hyuk was the first to drop the 11th place on the day. Kim Woo-suk of the same group up-front was named 2nd in the list, which made him worse. In particular, Kim Woo-suk reported that “Jinhyuk is the most remembered person” and “I am so grateful and I love you for appearing in my life”.

So, Lee Jin-hyuk gave the impression that he was desperate, and finally left a word to Kim Woo-suk. He said, “Woo, I’m sorry I can not go together.

Kim Min – kyu was sorry for not being able to join together. Kim Min-kyu was also the member who mentioned Song Hyung-joon’s “I would like to make a debut together” at the time of the 4th testimony announcement.

Kim Min-gyu said, “Hyung-joon, I decided to debut together, but I am sorry that I will not be able to do it together, because if I do not make my debut here, I will continue to look outside, so I hope everyone will work hard for my share.”


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