In Mnet ‘Produce X101’ broadcasted on May 31, photographers who selected visual centers were released.

The trainees ranked 11th in the visual rankings of SM STIMULA. In the top 10, Ullim Hwang was named. Bae Jin-bin was ranked 9th with his masculinity.

Brand New Music has been in eighth place. Yun Jung-hwan of the same agency said, “I am just handsome. I envy, “he praised. Seventh place was Songsung Hyun Jun. The trainees said that their mouths were wide open with their mouths open and their smiles and dialects. PLAN A Choi Byeong-chan, who has a dimple-like appeal, was named sixth. The starship won the 5th place. Infinite EL resembles rainforest Cha Jun Ho to fourth place.

Kim Yo-Han, who raised abdominal muscles in Taekwondo, was third. Thiopi media Kim Woo-suk and jellyfish Kim Min-gyu put on first place. Kim Min-gyu took the first place. 

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