The final battle between Yuk Dong-sik (Yun Si-yun) and Seo In-woo (Park Sung-hoon) was depicted in the 15th episode of the tvN tree drama ‘Psycho Pass Diary’.

Seo In-woo, who killed both the bodyguards and Seohoe at the villa, found Yuk-sik and aimed the gun. Later, Yuk Dong-sik managed to escape from the shooting of Seo In-woo and met Shim Bo-kyung (Jung In-sun) and Jang Chil-sung (Hu Sung-tae) who came to save him.

But Seo In-woo had already reported Yuk-sik to the police. Yuk Dong-sik said, “It’s not very hopeless. Seo In-woo didn’t see me shooting with a camera. It might still be there.” 

Seo In-woo threatened Seo Ji-hoon (Ubi) and was accused of all things happening. Upon arriving at the scene, Sim Bo-kyung sneaked into a book containing a hidden camera, but no memory was left.

On the other hand, Yuk Dong-sik headed to Seo In-woo (Park Sung-hoon) ‘s house to find Ji-hoon Seo. However, the appearance of Seo Ji-hoon did not see, and Yuk Dong-sik, “I do not think I will put aside outside,” he said, “maybe I might find it.”

Yuk Dong-sik, who looked at the bookshelf, thought, “If I’m Seo In-woo, if I’m a predator,” I found Charles Darwin’s book. As it moved, the bookshelf shook and the hidden space was revealed.

There was Seo Ji-hoon bound, followed by Seo In-woo’s voice. It turned out that Seo Inwoo was watching the whole situation with CCTV. In addition, Jo Yu-jin (Hwang Sun-hee), who received the memory of Seo Ji-hoon, attracted Shim Bo-kyung to the company.

Seo In-woo threatened to “propose a game” and “kill Seo Ji-hoon. Here I will kill Shim Bo-kyung.” Yok Dong Sik said, “I can’t let Bo Kyung die.”

When Yuk-sik stabbed Ji-hoon Seo with a knife, Seo In-woo smiled and said, “There are things prepared by the president. Yuk-sik went out with a bundle of money. Jang Chil-seong was surprised to see the blood, and Yuk Dong-sik shouted “Too sick.” It turns out that Yuk-shik stabbed himself and whispered to Seo Ji-hoon, “Pretend to be dead.”

Seo In-woo, meanwhile, was contacted by Jo Yu-jin, who said, “Police has come.” In addition, the police found Seo Ji-hoon in the hangout of Seo In-woo, and Seo In-woo, who was watching it through CCTV, was embarrassed. Sim Bo Kyung said, “It’s over now and give up.” The moment Seo In-woo aimed at Sim Bo-kyung, Yuk-Sik shouted Seo In-woo’s name and smiled.  

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