The last story of the 19th alley ‘Pyeongtaek Station Alley’ was broadcasted on SBS ‘Baekjongwon’s Alley Restaurant’ which aired on the 11th.

Kim Sung-joo said, “Today is the last day, but I am not comfortable.”

Baek Jong-won ate Kimchi fried rice at the pork cutlet and worried, “This is not fried rice. It tastes so empty in the sauce.

Kim Sung-joo worried that “I can go and cook,” but Baek Jong-won encouraged me to say “I can go.”

Kim Sung-joo, who went to the pork cutlet, “I often eat dinner with the CEO of Jong-won Baek. It was so different from the fried rice that I had at that time,” he said. “I will help you.”

Kim Sung-joo, who entered the kitchen, began to make fried rice with his boss. In the situation room, Baek Jong-won told Kim, Sung-joo, “Check the amount of oil when you first fry.”

The president was not using the amount of oil and fire that Baek Jong-won had informed. The boss asked Kim Sung-joo’s question, “Why don’t you fire too hard?”

In addition, Kim Seong-ju’s fried rice showed a modest amount of oil, so the rice did not stick to the spoon.

Jung In-sun, who tasted the fried rice of Kim Seong-ju and the boss, said, “The boss’s fried rice feels.”

The boss saved Kim Seong-ju’s fried rice because “I personally got too much oil.” Jeong In-sun said, “The boss’s rice is like bibimbap, Kim Seong-ju is like fried rice.”

Kim Sung-joo advised, “The boss seems to have a preconceived notion that if you have a lot of oil,” he said.

During the last day’s lunch, the boss made a new sauce without using a prototype, and Baek Jong-won went to the store and tasted the sauce.

Baek Jong-won criticized, “It’s strange than the first time.”

Baek Jong-won said, “I was confused because I was confused. If you were a favorite customer in the first place, it’s good to keep it.

The boss said, “I put a milk.” Is dangerous. “

Baek Jong-won said, “That’s why I didn’t touch the pork cutlet sauce. I have my thoughts. How can I upgrade the solution?”

The boss made excuses for Kimchi Fried Rice, but “I thought it was the way to do it,” but Baek Jong-won said, “That’s all you think.

Baek Jong-won, who arrived at Halmaeuk Soup House, said that he changed his kitchen line and expressed satisfaction.

In particular, Baek Jong-won asked, “When did you change this?” And the mother and daughter’s boss drew attention.

Baek Jong-won, who tasted noodles afterwards, said, “It’s coming out really fast. It’s perfect for a cold day. No “.

Baek Jong-won advised, “Don’t forget to take a number and take your order. Then it’s better to have your food ordered immediately.

The lunch business began, and guests were crowded at the noodle shop. However, the mother and daughter were checking the guests before they boiled the noodles, and the daughter boss showed the pre-packing of gimbap.

In particular, as the Baek Jong-won advised, he looked at the orders on the waiting table and immediately served as soon as the customer sat down.

In addition, the mother’s boss attracted attention by showing kindness that was completely different from the past.

When lunch ended, Pyeongtaek residents and singer Brian visited. Brian visited with his friend’s couple and ordered two gimbaps and three servings of Halmae noodles, saying, “It’s good to have few menus.”

Brian first heard the word “Bang Dang” and asked, “What’s in English?” My daughter’s boss said, “Bang Dang is also called a depot.” Brian said, “Isn’t it a party?”

In particular, it was the 20th anniversary of Fly to the Sky’s debut, and Brian left with an appointment to revisit, saying, “I ate special food on a special day.

The grandmothers and grandmothers of Halmaekuksu thanked them, saying, “I made noodles that everyone can enjoy.”

Then, the president of Tempura Bumbok Tteokbokki restaurant completed the fried rice at Baek Jong-won’s words, “Let’s make this house’s tempura.”

As soon as he arrived at the shop, he asked, “Is the frying going well?” And the boss said, “I haven’t made it today. I made it until yesterday.”

Baek Jong-won asked, “Why did you introduce this menu, I made rice with a nice and delicious taste. When customers come, please say ‘This is Pyeongtaek rice’.” In addition, Baek Jong-won said, “If this goes well, come to my YouTube and introduce me. If I do it, it’s not fun.”

Baek Jong-won asked, “Do you have the name of the menu?”

Baek Jong-won praised his boss for how to make the fried rice.

Baek Jong-won who ate the fried rice was praised, “It’s really light. It’s good to eat with tteokbokki sauce.”

Jung In-sun, who came to the daily Albansaeng, said, “We have named the fried rice.” White rice fried. ” Then lunch began, and Jung In-sung slowly took orders. However, the boss was in a hurry and ordered in advance to start serving.

Baek Jong-won, who was watching this, said, “Now serving is not important. You have to fry rice.” The boss had fried the fried rice before lunch. I also cut rice and started serving it.

Eventually, Baek Jong-won said, “That’s not to be fried like that. You can not cut and give one by one,” he said.

Kim Seong-ju delivered Baek Jong-won’s words and immediately appeared to be recruited as Alba. However, Jung In-sun and Kim Seong-ju showed flimsy appearances, and the boss laughed with Baek Jong-won, saying, “I don’t like the working people.”

After the taste of the fried rice, the customers were satisfied, “It’s really delicious. It smells like rice. You can eat it with others. It’s very unusual.”

Following Brian, singer Hayes visited the fried and fried rice cake restaurant. Hayes is known as ‘Tteokbokki Dukhu’ which is famous for its fan club name ‘mill’ and fan meetings.

First of all, Hayes, who tasted Tteokbokki, said, “It’s really delicious. These days, Tteokbokki doesn’t contain cabbage and green onions, but it contains both.”

Haze, who accepted tteokbokki and new menu fried rice, continued to admire the combination of the two menus and asked, “Can I get more fried food?”

The boss of Tteokbokki House said, “It’s the last time. It’s sad.”

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