The opening performance was exceptional. Each group prepared six stages with completely different concepts. The ‘Queendom’ crew captured it with gorgeous camerawork and editing. 

All six groups expressed concern about the program rule that six teams would come back at one o’clock a day. They each reasoned about the ‘Queendom’ participating group. 

On the other hand, the girls’ Soyeon said, “I think it will be fun.” 

Their first meeting took place face-to-face. (Women) The children could not attend the face-to-face meeting because of the overseas schedule. 

The last participant who did not reveal to each group is Park Bom who returned as a solo singer. Oh My Girl Seung-hee, who learned Park Bom’s appearance at the first meeting, said, “I learned why I didn’t tell the last person, and I thought it was a big deal.” 

Park Bom was somewhat nervous while the participating groups greeted each other. Park Bom said, “I’m in a group, but I’m alone, so I’m blind.” 

The most anticipated and the most feared of the other groups is Mamamu. Mamamu chose Park Bom as an expected opponent. 

Park Bom, who usually liked Mamamu, expressed interest in “I liked it so much that I asked my manager for a phone number.” 

Benefit goes to the final top of Queendom. The winner of the final win will be the grand opening of the solo comeback show. 

Seol Hyun said, “I thought it was a privilege to be a popular male idol.” Jiho said, “I’m not saying that we want to do it.” 

The first contest theme was also revealed at the meeting. The first theme is to showcase the representative hit song stage reborn as a new arrangement. They organized the performances of their first contest by choosing their own order.

Finally on the day of the contest. Each group appeared tired in the waiting room after hard exercises. Mamamu, who had a concert just before the contest, was especially tired. 

The ranking of the first competition was determined by summing up the scores of the three sections of the Special Evaluation Group, the Audience Rating, and the Contest Group Self Assessment. In particular, the idol trainees participated as special evaluation teams on this day. 

Mamamu’s first hit song was Decalcomani. He said, “I want you to think that you can be stuck in your head as much as the first one.” 

Competitors also admired Mamamu’s stage, which overwhelmed the audience from the opening. They were very popular, saying, “I’m in a contest, and I’ve got something.” 

Park Bom, who staged the second stage, was particularly nervous. Because of the pressure to stand on the stage as a solo. At the same time, “I will play with my singing powers.”

The hit song that Park Bom chose was ‘You And I’. Park Bom, who stood on the stage alone, calmly continued to sing. After the climax, the reversal of the Park Bom stage was revealed. The choir appeared behind the scenes, and Park Bom’s stage completed a rich sound. Other group members also expressed their emotions, “It’s like tears.”

The rest of the first contest of ‘Queendom’ will be released on next week’s broadcast. Expect the winner of the first contest.

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