The synergy is maximized when his voice meets the drama. It is good to elevate the immersion of the drama ten minutes, and the celadon can get soaked in the sweet voice.

It is good for every OST that I announced. Music fans’ confidence about the spider’s OST window has naturally accumulated. I was excited as the news of the ‘Hotel DeLuna’ OST participation. In addition, the song was reunited with Song Dong-woon, who produced the OST of Descendants of the Sun, Okay, It’s Love, Love of the Moon and Worry of the Moon.

Before the official release of the song, the songs were released in the ending scene of the drama, and the popularity of the viewers poured out. After the official announcement, he caught up with the hearts of music fans and won the rankings of various music sites.

Many songs such as “ Descendants of the Sun ” OST “ You Are My Everything ” and “ The Winter Winds Blow ” OST “ Snowflakes ” were loved as much as the drama hit. There are many songs that have been loved for a long time, such as “ Is It Snowing for Christmas ” OST “ Because You ” and “ Heat ” OST “ Pain ”. The spider’s OST is talked about as long as his masterpieces.

The birth of a new masterpiece ‘Remember Me All My Days’ that will make memories for a long time and please the ears of music fans is happy.

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