On that day, Kwon Sang-woo said, “Radio Star is one of the entertainment programs. I’ve chosen it as the program I want to come out most when interviewing from the past.”

“But if it is not this time, aren’t the actors running out of time to meet the public?”

Kim Kuk-jin previously presented Kwon Sang-woo’s vocal imitation. Kwon Sang-woo said, “Kim Kuk-jin’s senior did it.” When Kim Kook-jin and Ahn Young-mi pointed out the pronunciation, Kwon Sang-woo said, “That pronunciation is not so bad. I just speak fast.”

Jung Joon-ho on the day said, “I live for the second time fun.” When Kim Gura said, “I think I’m talking about grandchildren,” Jung Joon-ho laughed.

Jung also expressed frank thoughts on the introduction to politics, which is discussed every political season. Jeong Hun-ho said, “Honestly, a lot of suggestions are coming. But I politely refuse to participate in politics, but only political orientation.”

“I only have 100 positions in the country as a public relations ambassador. There is no overlap. Ambassadors are actually talent donations in my own way as a fan management,” he said. I never thought it was. ” 

Lee Kyung-kyung said, “Today appeared under the burden of ‘Raiostar.’ Lee Kyung-kyung “I’m doing a lot of entertainment right now. I don’t know a lot of people in the radio show.” So it’s a burden. ”  

Lee Kyung-kyung then showed his personality. Lee Kyung-kyeok limbs motion but did not have much inspiration. Lee Yi-kyung also showed up to 2 skipping ropes, but the mime, which said, “I think this is better than that,” received more acclaim.

Hwang Woo Seulhye “I have been practicing for 14 years. Even after 10,000 hours, I do not seem to be good at it, so I have been practicing.”

Lee Kyung-kyung revealed his special relationship with BTS Jin. Lee Kyung-kyung said, “Sukjin fans know, I went to the military and attended acting school at the age of 23.”

“It was so handsome and famous at that time. I couldn’t go to the university and met again at one of the music awards.” Told.

In particular, Kwon Sang-woo reproduced the ‘hermit crab cake’ which collected the topic online. Kwon Sang-woo said, “It’s very useful. When my wife asks me if I’ve put the toilet away, I write that emoticon.”

Kwon Sang-woo said, “It was an ad-rip, but it was good at the time.” Subsequently, Kwon Sang-woo reproduced the hermit crab scene at that time and was applauded by everyone.

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