In MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcasted on the 5th, Rimmer musie Lee Dae-hwigi starred as a guest and showed his intention. 

Rimmer said he was convinced of his success when he saw his singer, Lee Dae-hui, saying, “Even my friends who made their debut are not easy to show up in front of their company’s representative, but Lee Dae-hui showed energy that made his first meeting.” 

Lee Dae-hui said, “Raimer is crazy about idol.” He gave the whole floor to idol trainees. I gathered experts from each field and packed up a TF team. ” 

“It’s for all artists, not just their idols. “We support staff by sharing their work.” 

The settlement was also disclosed. Lee Dae-hwi said, “When I was a student, I got a debt, but my delegate paid me all the debts.” He said, “I would just say it lightly. It was impressive in its appearance. ” It was Lee Dae – hwi ‘s explanation that these aspects seemed to make a connotation. 

Rimmer said, “The investment cost from the trainee to debut is quite large. I made my debut with my own hard work and I wanted to pay for it. ” 

Rimmer also prepared a custom mic that the singers usually offer at his own expense. “You make money from the beginning. “It’s a good thing.” “We have custom microphones at our own expense. It’s good enough to be cheerful, “he said. 

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