The U-20 players have released the behind-the-scenes story from their first match to the final.

MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcasted on the afternoon of the afternoon appeared in the U-20 World Cup soccer countries, Hwang Tae-hyun, Oh Se-hoon, Kim Hyun-woo, Choi Jun and Lee Kwang-yeon.

On that day, the players caught the eye by revealing the heart and the various episodes that they felt while playing the game. Their open-minded conversation was full of delightful laughter.

“I did not hear anything at the moment of goal,” said Oh Se-hoon, who scored his first goal in Argentina. The other players wondered and said, “I can hear it. I can not hear it because there are so many spectators.” Oh Se-hoon also revealed that he requested an allowance for Lee Kang-in, who recorded an assist, saying, “I do not have any pocket money, I do not like to buy anything delicious.”

There was also a story about Senegal, which caused many people to get lost in this tournament. Oh Se-hoon, who got a second chance with VAR, said, “I thought that I had not been able to put in it, but I thought I fought well. I got the opportunity again with VAR. 

Lee Kwang Yeon said, “Oh Se-hoon seems to be unaware of me. I advised him to go to the center because he can only play on both sides. After the game, I talked a little while in the interview. Oh Se-hoon, “I had the effect, but I tried to kick in the middle of the original,” he made a fuss.

“It’s the best time to play in Ecuador,” said Gwang Yeon-yeon, who has been nicknamed “Light Lightning” for his outstanding performance. “I did not play in the first half. I was hungry and blocked it. “

Hwang Tae-hyun said the final was the hardest. “At that time, the temperature went up to 34 degrees. Kim Hyun-woo said, “I made a mistake in my mistake, I received a lot of evil, I changed my reaction, I thought I was scared.” 

Lee Kwang-yeon said, “When I told you that the coaches were suffering, I cried a lot because I wanted to be the last with these players as well as seeing the players. However, I was tearful because I was good at winning the silver medal and winning the award ceremony. “He said. 

In addition, Lee said that one of the finals was due to cherry juice, “In the contest, cherry juice helped me to recover muscles and to sleep, but I did not get cherry juice two days before the final and had cherry fruit and it did not work. I did not have any effect. “

The key to the teamwork of the players was Jeong Jong-yong. “I did not have a cell phone during meals and I talked for 30 minutes between players. I do not have time to talk to the players other than the drill,” he said.

Finally, in response to the question of what kind of player would you like to become, Hwang Tae-hyun said, “I would like to be a player who is necessary for the team rather than a star player who gets into the goal,” Oh Sehun said, “I want to be a sacrifice even in the arena.”

Kim Hyun-woo said, “I do not have many defenders to play in Europe, and I promise that I will try to make Kim Hyun-woo come to the rescue when I am better at Korea, and I want to be a topic like this “Laughed at the wrong answer. Lee Kwang-yeon said, “I would like to show that the tall players are giving up, but I can show that the tall goalkeeper can be honorable on the international stage.” 

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