MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcast on the 8th was featured as ‘People in the People’ featured by Jeong Soo Chang, Choi Hyun Suk, Dong Ji Hyun, and Kyung Hwan Yeon as guests. The four people in common were ‘home shopping’.

Chang Jung Soo said that he also adjusted his overseas schedule for ‘Radio Star’. “I have been to Milan, Paris, Uganda, Uganda and my family,” he said. “Last time I got a radio star, but I could not do it. “He said.

Choi talked about restaurants in operation. Choi said, “In the spring, sales will decrease. If we cut sales by 20%, we do not give 20% of the net profit, but the net profit falls further.” 

He also said, “There is a separate home shopping business, a restaurant business, and a restaurant business that involves chefs.

Choi Hyun-seok said he was refraining from the salt-spraying performance. “It’s a situation I can not do,” he said. He said, “I can do it.” Sometimes, when I go to the event, I will perform as a performance, I played baseball for 20 years. 

Show host Dong-ji revealed about 400 billion won in sales. Dong-ji said, “It is not an incentive to receive a contracted salary,” he said, “my parents told me that they gave me so much money to pay so much, my son gave me a card and wrote a lot. .

In particular, Dong-ji said, “I have been broadcasting before the recording, I have raised 130% of the sales, but only the synagogue fee is paid. “I do not have any agency, so I decided to pay the fee, and I try to cheat a lot,” he said.

Dong Ji Hyun has gone from G to C company. Dong Ji-hyun said, “I gave a letter of resignation to the whole company and issued a blank check, and I was going to give him the salary as much as I wanted.” “I already set up my next job. Thank you for calling me more than this. “He said.

Yeong Kyung-hwan also said that he is operating a Vietnamese restaurant. “There is no immigration system in Vietnam, there are only residence permits to do business,” said Kyung Hwan Yi. In particular, Yong Kyung-hwan explained about the popularity of director Bakkhan Suh in Vietnam, saying, “It is incredible.” Hotdog, ramen,

Chang Jung Soo said that he started home shopping since 2005. “It was not exciting, but it was not exciting at first,” he said.

“I do not have to be my brand,” he said, “because I am confident that my brand is growing bigger. I will receive it. “

Chang Jung-soo, Yong Kyung-hwan and Dong Ji-hyun also reported home shopping sales tips. He said, “Men’s underwear is not allowed.” Yong Kyung-hwan added, “Men’s panties do not sell if they are sexy, fashionable, unconditionally gray. Dong Ji-hyun said, “Women’s underwear is cheap at 100,000 won, and men should not go beyond 80,000 won.”

Dong-ji said, “It is from 8:30 am to 10:00 am on weekdays, from 9:00 am on weekdays, and there is Golden Time targeting housewives such as the time of the drama at night.” ” I will never go out when my husband comes in. If I live in Chuseok, I will go out with the most expensive ones. “

In addition, Chang Hyun Soo, Choi Hyun-seok, Dong Ji-hyeon, and Kyung-hwan Yoh had a variety of stories about home shopping.

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