In the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star,’ which was broadcast on the 8th, former profiler Kwon Il-yong starred and met a creepy serial killer.

Former profiler Kwon Il-yong said, “Criminal profiling is analyzing the behavior of criminals. “I’m different from Chong-won, who is a researcher, and I am a person who applies directly in the field.”

Kwon Il-yong said, “I saw more than 2000 bodies. I saw the terrible scene of the crime and the molar was missing. ”

Kwon Il-yong said he had a fight when he met Kang Ho-sun’s serial killer. Kwon Il-yong said, “I saw Kang Ho-soon, but he said he should not even talk about water.” I didn’t float the water. ”

Il-Yong Kwon said that the criminals are the most memorable. “Usually, I just saw such criminals, and it was cool to have a good time to talk,” he said.

In particular, Kwon Il-yong said, “I was proud to know that my photos were scrapped when I was seized and searched for his house. “If the criminal was thinking of me, I can plan what kind of media play I’ll play on the crime later.”

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