The MBC ‘Radio Star’, which was broadcast on the 8th, was featured as a feature of ‘Ten Tae Man’s Human World’, and Jung Ho-geun, Kwon Il-yong, Lee Yeon-su and Jang Dong-min appeared as guests.

On the day, Jeong Ho-geun, who appeared last year, had a high audience rating, saying, “If I come out a lot today, I’m first.”

Kim Gu-ra recalled, “Before Jeong Ho-geun was struck down, I had a Budae Jjigae house. I accidentally went and ate it.” Kim Kuk-jin asked, “Is the house of the bag stew going well?” And Jung Ho-geun said, “It was good. It was a time when I really tried to live.”

Then “it also changed the industry. I originally had a rib (shop). But I did not eat,” he said bitterly laughed and laughed.

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