In the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ broadcasted on the afternoon of 15th, actors Joon-ho Jung, Kwon Sang-woo, Hwang Woo-seul and Lee Lee-kyung appeared in the movie ‘Heatman’.

Jung Joon-ho said, “I have fun looking at my 6-month-old second daughter. Following her best friend Shin Hyun-joon was mentioned. “Shin Hyun-jun is two sons. I was very envious to see my daughter I was thinking about having a daughter now.”

Jung Joon-ho said, “I think that I can give birth if I make my heart, but that’s not easy.” Jeong Joon-ho said, “I was talking about dawn or dawn, rather than the secret.”

Politics could not be missed. Kwon Sang-woo joked that his dream was president. Jung Joon-ho said, “This is a joke, but if I go out to the National Assembly, is it a district. In fact, we are a national district.”

There was also a story about the drama ‘SKY Castle’ which collected the topic. Jung Joon-ho said, “I’m going to grow a mustache, no one thought the director, the staff.

As the story grew longer like Mobius Talk, Kwon Sang-woo, who was next to him, tried to finish the talk. Kwon Sang-woo praised, “It was good that you just supported me.” Nevertheless, Jung Joon-ho continued to boast and smiled. Kwon Sang-woo said, “I saw the MCs. I’m not right. Am I not ambiguous?”

Afterwards, Jun Joon-ho triggered a slump with his mouth sore that he wanted to step in while Kwon Sang-woo was talking. In addition, the all-around bag was released and robbed the eyes. Jung’s bags included glasses, sunglasses, hats, and magic to sign, instant rice, chargers, and colorful ballpoint pens. The most important wallet contains the currency of each country. Jeong Jun-ho explained that “to do it properly.”

As Jung Joon-ho’s explanation elongated, Kwon Sang-woo joked toward Lee Lee-kyung and Hwang Woo-seulhye, “Pick it in. That’s it.” Jung Joon-ho was surprised by saying, “It’s like my self. I carry it with me wherever I go. I’m preparing for it.”

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