The MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcast on the 13th was featured in ‘What’s Happening’, starring Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kyung, Yoo Se-yoon and Shorine.

Yoo Se-yoon said, “I used to say that I used to be art once. “I am doing the program with the crew that I contacted, I have about four fixed points,” he added.

“If you do not have to talk about things like Lars in the old days, I would do my homework,” he explained.

Kimura asked, “Did it shrink financially?” Yoo Se-yoon replied, “It’s not like that, but I did not see the performing art well.”

Kim said, “I like to go out with my dad.”

Shori, who married in November last year, gave birth to a sweet honeymoon. Shori said, “My parents have given me a small wedding ceremony. I have been married for four months.”

Shori is busy and has not yet had a honeymoon. “I was doing ‘my love healer’ drama,” he said. “I go to Hawaii a few days after recording the radio star.”

MC mentioned that Kim Jong Kook is going to follow Shori’s honeymoon trip. Kim Jong-guk stressed, “It is because I want to give you a vacation when you go to Hawaii and come to LA.”

Kim Jong Kook said the whole thing about American girlfriend. Kim Jong-guk said, “Cha Tae-hyun has made rumors.”

Because Kim Jong-gook, who frequently goes to the US, has made a rumor that Cha Tae-hyun has “hidden a woman.” Kim Jong Kook said, “I think it has been almost 10 years since ‘Family Outing.’ I just go on a trip with my mother.

“I go to a good gym or eat something delicious,” he said.

Kim Jong-guk dismissed Cha Tae-hyun as “disgusting” and embarrassed Cha Tae-hyun. Cha Tae-hyun, who likes gossip and gossip, is so cool when it comes to radio stars. Both of them had a smile on their best friend Kimi.

Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kyung Eun are the same football team. Kim Jong-gook said, “I do not know about Lee Kyung-hee very much since I came out with soccer, and it is a member who comes out once as a guest, not as a full member. I do not go out after I have talked about the dues.

Lee Kyung said, “I have five soccer teams and I have even run them, but I went to Kim Jong Kook’s soccer team and he praised me for his passion. I did not go to the drama shooting schedule, “he said.

Lee said, “I thought I was in a traffic accident while I was playing soccer with Kim Jong Kook, and I thought I was a bulldozer.”

Kim Jong Kook reported on the exercise episode with Son Heung Min. “It was good to say that Soong Heung Min came out to exercise,” he said. He said, “I did not get to work after two hours of exercise, so I did not get in contact with him.”

Since then, Shori has played a big fight against Kim Jong Kook and Wrapping.

This can be up to 8 hours. “Choi, Daniel and I ate coffee at the café, drinking coffee and shouting at one place,” he said. It is ridiculous that Kim Jong Kook is also talking about 7 hours. “I shout with my sisters and I go to buy clothes,” he said.

Yee has recently released his wife on the air. Seoyun said, “My wife does not touch my friends’ trips or trips, but when I go on a trip without family, I do not feel well. I can not use it, “he said.” I wanted to spend a special time with my family. ”

I do not ask this wonder. I’ve been assaulted. “I passed by the nineteenth and nineteen and was assaulted for no reason.When I walked with my friend, the drunken three also struck me while avoiding my shoulder.But I passed my apology.I turned back after seeing the friends, I was stunned because I struck my head in a marble chair and I was stunned for two days because it really looked like a movie and I could see the ceiling of the hospital and all of my faces were broken and sewed.

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