MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ broadcast on the 5th Raimer, Musee, Lee Dae Hwi, Griya appeared on the ‘Lara Land’ featured.

On that day, MC Yoon Jong Shin said, “Lee Dae-hwi says that he comes to mind when he comes back.”

Lee Dae-hwi said, “I do not have any debt when I am a student for a long time, but my delegate has cleared the debt of AB6IX members.” “I was impressed to see the fact that I was going to talk about it lightly, and I was very impressed when I made a serious announcement.”

Rimmer said, “It’s a fair amount of money to enter before debut, rather than debt, but I wanted to pay for that part because these guys made their debut because of their hard work.”

There was another case. Lee Dae-hwi said, “I recently bought a custom mic that is hot, and bought it for five of our members, one day, thanking me for being a gift to you. This is 12 million won, “he said.

“I wanted you to make money from the start because the company would not have to pay for the expenses,” he said.

The special MC God Se7en, who listened to this, said, “But it’s really good. We made it to Sabie.

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