Then she said he would openly wait for contact.

KBS Radio Cool FM (Seoul, game 89.1MHz), which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 4th, was decorated with a special invitation and appeared as a guest.

“It’s already 12 o’clock,” says Cinderella, “but it’s already 12 o’clock, and it’s provocative and aggressive that I do not want to send it, and it’s a song that can show me how mature I am.” did.

Lee said, “I had a feeling that I had a bit of a refreshing summer in the past, but I feel a little sticky this time.” “When I recorded ” 12 o’clock already ”, my brother, who plays composer Black Eyed, gave me a directive called ‘A little more sadly’ and ‘I should have a rest’.”

I had time to talk about the ‘song that led me to the singer’ in the corner. The first thing I want to mention is Iowa’s “showers”. Lee Hyo-ri’s Yugo Girl and Stern’s 24 hours are missing.

It is the last song that I had called with the members of Aoi Ai. I recalled this song several times and recalled when I had done all the things we had dreamed of once again I would like to gather back and sing with joy. ” “I do not have a child without Io. I want to say thank you to everyone who waits and remembers Io child,” he said.

He explained about Lee Hyo-ri’s “Yugo Girl”, “It’s the song I looked up the most time since I was a kid, and there are many people who love this song. As for Stern’s “lack of 24 hours”, I could not come up with the song of Stern Sister, whom I really loved and admired. This song was called when I received my first evaluation in the producer program of Mnet, ‘Producer 101’. It was a turning point for me. ”

He also mentioned the collaboration with Yesung. He said, “When I was working, I remember that Yesterday was the day when Yong Sung was unable to sigh and record.” It was a song that he wrote and wrote directly, and he gave a directing to me, so I was very grateful. The work was done quickly, “he said.

DJ Lee asked, “Is there anybody who wants to collaborate?” “I love collaboration,” he said, “it ‘s good to be comforted by playing on stage because there are so many people on stage,” he said, “there are too many people who want to collaborate.

Lee said, “It is a good idea to collaborate with everyone knowing that I am thankful for having a new challenge and making something new together.” I will always wait with open mind, please contact me a lot.

On the other hand, Seunghee has released a new single “12 o’clock” on the 2nd online music site. ’12 o’clock already is the time to depart from my beloved 12 o’clock, but now I have to go now, but I express my frankness and boldness about situations I do not want to send like conversations in my mind.


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